10 Repos on GitHub For New Developers
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10 Repos on GitHub For New Developers

The freeCodeCamp community creates gigabytes of data every week.

One of the major contributors to this is the chat room system, in which thousands of people hang out, talk about technology, and assist each other in improving their code skills.

New coders often ask questions about the data. This week, find which GitHub repositories people saw as most relevant to their studies. So we looked at the multi-gigabyte chat history from freeCodeCamp’s main chatroom.

Out of the many GitHub repositories mentioned, the following are the top 10 most commonly mentioned ones.


This one was likely to be expected, but is not a result of the location of where we got the data from. The freeCodeCamp community’s learning platform is very well-used, with almost 250k stars, over 10k forks, and hundreds of additional issues and pull requests every week. This means that it is mentioned in the chatroom pretty frequently.


Kyle Simpson’s You Don’t Know JavaScript is definitely the unofficial reference book for the freeCodeCamp community. Kyle is also cultivating a similar project called “Functional Light JS”, which has gradually been gaining recognition.


This is a list of free resources that is constantly updated. This repository is an organized collection of materials from various parts of the world. It includes books, podcasts, websites, and developer tools. This makes it a necessity for people who are just starting to code.


This is the Github account of Bootstrap, a popular responsive web design framework. The repository mostly focuses on technical information, but also contains links to other helpful sites. If you want more extensive documentation about the framework, you should visit getbootstrap.com.


Created by Googley as Heck, this repository outlines a thorough process of preparing for the world’s most daunting job interviews. Specifically targeting Google, the repository includes not only a detailed list of study materials to pass the whiteboard tests but also thoughtful links to any concepts that may need further explaining.


Easily one of the most popular resource list in the community, Elliott’s JavaScript Links repository outlines useful information for all coders familiar with Java.


Interested in learning d3.js? Then this repository is for you! With two different sections showing a gallery as well as thorough tutorials, the official repository provides excellent resources for you to teach yourself.


Targeting coders who want to improve their skills in Python, this repository is a collection of frameworks, software, libraries, and resources for anyone to examine and learn from.


A highly popular repository, Oneujis  focused on solving common coding problems with vanilla JavaScript.


Simply a great list of APIs, this repository provides great organization as well as categorization of all the public APIs, which simplifies the searching and exploration process.

With so many amazing resources available on freeCodeCamp, this list barely scratched the surface of the lake of wisdom.

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