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Top 10 Video Game Skills to Boost Your Career

A common misconception of a stereotypical esports gamer is that they are lazy, introverted, and lack social skills. The prevalent opinion that gaming has no future and will get an individual nowhere is so entirely, wrong. Well, at least wrong in SkillGigs’ opinion. Therefore, we have written this article with our top 10 video game skills that you can leverage to boost your career. In other words — use esports to level up your professional life.

The esports and gaming industry has become one of the most significant, most expensive, promising, career-building industry, with a market size expected to reach $545.98 billion. And now that the world is becoming increasingly digitalized, video games have become an integral part of the digital community.

Being a gamer is not easy; it requires complex skills, focus, dedication, and more. Notably, playing video games can significantly impact your professional life and enable you to be a good and well-performing employee.

Gaming Skills That Come In Handy In Real Life

You’ll be surprised to know that your years of hard work and dedication in gaming have impacted your professional life and can attract top employers. Employers can benefit from advanced esport and video game players for their business or company because of the following in-demand and top 10 valuable skills they utilize.

1. Low Aversion to Risk

Risk-taking in gaming can help people learn how to deal with real-life situations. Gamers develop the skills of sensing dangers, adjusting to environments, and analyzing the prize beyond the risk. Moreover, video games also include different scenarios and situations like real life. Some video games also give options like ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed,’ and the gamer has to think critically and then take the risk.

These risks allow gamers to think the same in their professional life and can help organizations take necessary business risks, and this skill can take them far in the talent marketplace.

2. Teamwork And Communication

Teamwork and communication are the keys to success, regardless of how you use these skills.

Gamers have remarkably strong communication skills and teamwork capabilities. Video games like ‘Call Of Duty Warzone’ and ‘Counter Strike Global’ offensive have 5v5 game modes. These game modes work on the sole principle of rock-solid teamwork. Their strategies include providing cover for their team members, covering weaknesses, coordination, and working under commands.

This skill is a massive advantage in the professional world. Many businesses and organizations lack strong, collaborative teamwork; even when they try to create it, they cannot keep all the team members in the loop. Hiring gamers can introduce new and effective teamwork strategies to help the team members and organizations achieve their goals. [Another thought, consider organizing esport game nights as a form of team building with an existing team – virtually or in-person.]

3. Leadership Skills

Leaders design strategies, approaches, and coordination between teams to achieve their objectives. Notable features of a leader are identifying team members’ weaknesses and strengths and creating systems that enable utmost teamwork and increase team morale. Moreover, they can quickly change their strategy according to the current scenario and the intensity of the situation.

Businesses, as well, require leaders to stay ahead of their team, deal with evolving situations and leave no team member behind. Through excellent leadership, success is always guaranteed.

4. Problem Solving

Problem-solving is a valuable skill in career and employment. Gamers have enhanced problem-solving skills than many people. Video games require quick analysis of situations under pressure; they often require players to use their heads to solve complex problems and hurdles with out-of-the-box thinking.

Problem-solving skills are essential in both personal and professional life; employers can highly benefit from hiring video game players with their problem-solving skills; they can also handle crises.

5. Multi-Tasking

In games like ‘GTA,’ the player needs to focus on many things simultaneously, for example, driving a car, talking on the phone, or fighting a virtual gang simultaneously. The addition of multi-tasking skills on your resume is a bonus; employers find this skill valuable, and you can take your career goals to the next level.

Similarly, in the real world, you keep getting emails, new tasks, meetings, and many other things simultaneously when you work in a corporate. Being a gamer, you can take the load and manage your tasks with priority and efficiency.

6. Strategizing

Strategizing is essential to a business’ strategy; many people spend years in the industry and education to hone their strategy-building skills. On the other hand, gamers are familiar with using strategy in their gaming ventures.

Regardless of the category, nearly all games help develop strategy-building skills. ‘Rise of Kingdoms’ and ‘Civilization’ are popular strategy-building games, while gamers also create teamwork strategies in ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ and ‘Counter Strike Global Offensive.’

7. Resilience

There is no stopping for gamers; they always look forward. Although ill tempers can happen, failures do not stop them from wanting to pursue more, do more. With time video games are becoming more challenging, but gamers see them as an opportunity to prove themselves.

Players build resilience that is helpful in their lives and boosts their confidence. Gamers can succeed in their professional and personal lives by combining their skills with resilience.

8. Social Skills

Strong esport and video gamers have proven strong social communication skills as they have to communicate during competition or regular matches. Moreover, many of them are very active on their personal social channels. Gaming is usually a remote practice where they use headsets and webcams.

Gamer’s social skills may include good sportsmanship, team communication, respect for opponents, and other social factors. Most of all, when the pandemic hit us, businesses and organizations went fully remote, which caused difficulties in team communication and remote technology adaptation. And in a real world of increased hybrid and remote workplaces, the aptitude for digital communication is a bonus. Gamers are well aware of remote communications, which makes them ideal for any working model.

9. Recognizing Patterns

It is a crucial skill in business growth and development. Video games use scenarios and situations where players have to find the pattern in the level to solve it. Some can be regular patterns, while others can be challenging.

Gamers can use these patterns by analyzing a large amount of data to predict the possible future. In businesses, pattern recognition is critical; this skill can allow you to analyze data and predict company growth.

10. Resource Management

Resource management is an integral part of business operations and requires a talented workforce; gamers are a perfect fit for it.

Some video games involve resource management and planning; players must be cautious with their supplies, money, and equipment. Games like ‘Hay Day’ and ‘Prison Architect’ require gamers to use their own or allotted resources to get the maximum benefit.

Use Your Video Game Skills to Boost Your Career with SkillGigs

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