Top 10 Women in Tech: Instagram Influencers
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Top 10 Women in Tech: Instagram Influencers

These top influencers are changing the game. Are you following them?

Your favorite women in tech – all in one place. Join us as we celebrate these rising stars shining on Instagram.

While we know how influential women have been in every facet of science and technology, for this article, we are highlighting the life and work of the unsung heroes behind the screen, coders. Keep reading to see who made our list.

Counting down from number 10:

10. @codecrumbs

With her love for pastels, stuffed animals, and Hello Kitty, following Margo on Instagram is nothing short of fun! Posting plenty of motivation to get you through your week, @codecrumbs has earned our #10 spot for best women in tech to follow. Check out her profile below!

9. @thatcodingyogi

Love coding and yoga? We have just the woman for you! Incorporating her active lifestyle into her posts, Antonella effortlessly takes you through her experiences as a computer science student. Follow along with her #100daysofcode – Check it out below:


With over 14,000 followers on Instagram, this web developer offers helpful tips and comparisons with her own stylistic touch of pink and mint. Follow along to get inspired by her CSS, SCSS, and Sass lines of code -posted every week.

7. @secretlifeofcode

What’s it like to work for Microsoft? Find out by following this software engineer’s journey. With a wide variety of posts, Rachel gives you front row seats to her secret life of code. Follow her adventure below:

6. @adriennetacke

This published author takes you along her journey as a software engineer now working remotely in the Philippines! You won’t want to miss this. Check out her latest posts below:

5. @juliakbrou

This is the perfect account for all the minimalists out there. With stunning visuals, this account is filled with coffee,  computers, and code. Follow along Julia’s journey of #100daysofdata below:

4. @thecodercoder

With nearly 20,000 followers, this web developer lands as # 4 on our list of leading ladies. Jessica offers practical tips for web developers, colorful pictures of her setup, and personal growth lessons she’s learned along the way. Check out her latest below:

3. @jonesdoeslife

Follow along Johna’s life as Senior Technology Consultant at Credera.  Johna kindly responds to questions from everyday followers and posts her knowledge to her feed. This influencer cares about her following, which is why she is perfect for this list of women in technology!

2. @msbrandymorgan

You probably recognize this account if you’re one of the 44.2K Instagram users following this tech influencer, but did you also know Ms. Brandy has a YouTube channel filled with even more helpful tips and motivation for young programmers? Don’t miss out on her latest tips and tricks for coding:

1. @codergirl_

Honestly, what list is @codergirl_ NOT number 1? With nearly 80,000 Instagram followers, Laura Medalia could be the poster woman for “Women In Tech Instagram Influencers.” Rightfully so, Medalia offers her followers a snippet of her life as a software engineer in NYC, inspiring young women everywhere to let their coder flag fly high! Check out her latest post below:

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