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Top 3 IT Jobs to Transition Into

The last – however many months since COVID struct – have many of us considering, what do I want to be when I grow up? There are plenty of articles around the “Great Resignation.” These articles focus on people leaving jobs without having the next career move lined up. And part of that great shift, are folks who are taking a leap of faith and trying something new.  Are you one of those people looking to make a career move? And is the world of technology calling your name? Well, you are in the right spot as we provide an overview of the top 3 IT jobs that have people considering ‘quick-ish’ changes. Keep reading to explore career transitions into HTML and CSS production specialist, software developer, and data analyst.

HTML and CSS Production Specialist 

This is a great building block for a career transitioning into IT. Some may argue otherwise, but understanding the fundamentals of HTML and CSS unlock a whole entire new world that could take you down exploring web design, web development, technical writing, digital production, email marketing, and so on. Achieving the base knowledge of either or both HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), could have you freelancing and taking on new projects in a very short amount of time. There are plenty of paid and free courses online for you to consider through Udemy, SkillCrush and Coursera to name a few.  

Software Developer 

All right, we know, this one is not an over the night sort of change. Becoming a software developer will take some time and energy by the payoff afterwards is pretty spectacular. A career in software development literally is a career where you are the leader of your destiny. Too much? What we mean is, software development is in everything, every industry and every product. There are three distinct avenues to consider in becoming a software developer: college (associates or bachelors), coding bootcamps or self-directed learning. Each have their pros and cons and associated time, risk and costs. Once you have obtained sufficient knowledge it’s on to the next step. Want to maximize your chances of being chosen by employers? Then consider a certification such as an AWS Certified Developer (Amazon), Scrum Developer or Java certification. After you have obtained proper training and a certification or two, go on to try out some projects and prepare a layered portfolio. Then, you’ll be ready to apply for software engineering positions. According to Affordable Schools, “software developers reap average profits of $108,080 and top pay of $161,290. Expect 10-year growth of 21 percent in software development.” 

Junior Data Analyst 

What is a data analyst? To round out our top 3 IT jobs, let’s talk data. Think of this role as a company’s gatekeeper to all of the organization’s critical data used in strategic business decisions. To be a junior data analyst, means to support upper-level analysts with retrieving, cleaning and organizing data while not necessarily needing a traditional college degree. Therefore, it’s a great way to get into the tech field while potentially pursuing additional two-year or four-year education. The career path of those in data science is a long and steady one. Roles begin at the junior level going to Analyst I positions to then progressing to Analyst II, then Senior, to even Chief Technology Officers.  

To wrap…

The beauty of a career in IT and digital means that you will acquire so many vast skillsets from computer languages to management of various tech stacks. These top 3 IT jobs are just a start. And the steps to get started in IT, are really the only major roadblocks because once you are in, the opportunities are endless.  

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