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Top In-Demand Tech & Digital Jobs in 2022

Tech demand and tech jobs have been on the rise for years. Long before these past two – albeit very long – two years, the growth of technology was on an exponential growth swing. And nothing has changed that; if anything, increased it. With the rise of automation and ecommerce, skills to increase productivity to security are in the lead. And there are skill sets that always top the charts, no matter the season, that even though the title is the same the areas of focus they support have shifted.  

After calculating our own marketplace data, coupled with LinkedIn market research and other fabulous tech sources such as Axios, Forbes and Protocol, we have coupled a list of the top 5 in-demand tech jobs for 2022.  

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Top In-Demand Tech 1: Data Scientist 

This role has been a slow burn in its rise to a top spot. It was the sort of role we all know we needed but weren’t sure how to capitalize on it. Now with the increase dependency of machine learning, this job is in place to help us learn and analyze. Data Scientists help us to uncover accurate data sets and variables, collect large data sets and ultimately translate findings to key audiences. In a previous article, we talk about a background in finance is a good skill for data scientists to have. The “no fear” approach to numbers and figures is good but it’s more about understanding what trends and assumptions can be pulled from data. Coupled with a love of numbers, skills with statistical programming languages are a huge and necessary advantage in data mining.  

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Top In-Demand Tech 2: Technical Product Managers 

Our dependency on non-tangible products is an at all-time high. We shop, converse, search jobs, buy cars and so much more via a digital product. Therefore, it makes senses to see a rise in product managers and those who specifically can oversee the development of technical projects from the beginning stages all the way through testing to launch. Product Managers are a tech role that demands both hard and soft skills as they have to be able to manage both people as well as process to keep a project on track. In other words, the attention to detail and the drive to hit deadlines are great characteristics that companies are looking for. In addition to that, analytics and organizational skills are at a premium especially if backed by experience using core software such as Jira.  

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Top In-Demand Tech 3: Cybersecurity Specialists 

Cybersecurity roles are definitely part of the grouping of jobs “always top the charts, no matter the season,” to quote ourselves. And even if it’s a tad cringe to say it, cybersecurity has never been more important than it is today – tomorrow – next week….  

Think of these roles as the frontline of defense. They are in position to protect companies and consumers from the bad guys. Bad guys being hackers. From company secrets to consumers personal information, IT security specialists prevent the loss of significant amounts of money as a result of data breaches. Well experienced technologists can find their way into these roles as a deep and vast understanding of many platforms and programming languages is ideal to excel.  

Top In-Demand Tech 4: Java Developers  

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Java Developers is a tried-and-true role in the world of IT. We affectionately know them as the app, software, program people that have roles in every stage of a product’s life cycle. Even though there has already been demand for this role, it’s being supercharge with the rapid development of companies of all sizes into the world of digital and automation. We live in a world now where grocery chains whipping out online shopping apps within a matter of months. And we are seeing time and time again, companies that have moved to profit generating online experiences outpacing their competition. So even though responsibilities for Java Developers can be varied, we’d recommending focusing on skillsets that deepen service-oriented architecture, object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts and emerging web technologies. 

Top In-Demand Tech 5: Automation Skills

Our #5 is more ambiguous than the others but bear with us. According to Forbes, jobs that will be most impacted by automation include, but not limited to, customer service, repetitive/dangerous jobs, delivery services, pipeline scheduling, cyber defense analysis, and data collection to name a few. Keep in mind that some articles that speak to the doom of one job, do not highlight the uplift in others. As Forbes states, “expect to see this paradigm shift occur in every industry.” 

In other words, we may see a decrease in demand in, let’s say, customer service roles because voice bots like Alexa or Google are already equipped to handling many requests. But who powers the AI, advancement, bugs, etc behind Alex and Google? Automation may power the robots that reduce human-risk jobs, but who programs and maintains the robots? 

With our growing expectations of what automation will do, it will directly correlate with the risk of technology roles to support. So keep your eyes out for automation technicians, robotic automation analysts, AI architects, and bot developers to name a few.  

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