Top 10 Tech Skills of 2016 - Job Searching Tips
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Top 10 Tech Skills That Will Get You Hired In 2016

We’re 15 Days into the New Year and many people are beginning their job searching efforts as part of their new years resolution! January is the heaviest month for those who are either looking for higher pay, or just want to change their career so they’re actually working their Dream Job. The job that fulfills them, and isn’t just about the salary (which can be awesome), but is instead about how it makes them feel. However, there’s some good news, and there’s some bad news for the race to finding your dream job.

The good news is that the sea of job opportunities at awesome companies is abundant. Businesses at every scale are realizing they need to offer more than just a high salary to attract the top talent. So, they’re focusing on the people and the culture. Not only are companies becoming ‘cooler’ and offering undeniably awesome perks, but they are really investing in their employees through training and personal development opportunities. Pairing that with their drive to higher people who are the perfect fit, they’re fulfilling the essential “People” element of all successful companies.

The bad news however is that as a job seeker, you are up against an army of other people who are likely just as qualified as you for the dream job. Making it even more critical for you to be on the top of your game. So, if you have special talents in any of the following skills, you can being job searching with confidence knowing you are a hot item:

Statistical Analysis & Data

We’d venture to say this is one of the most critical pieces to any business. Not only does data steer the ship, but it’s confusing and most people don’t want to do it! Businesses want people who can look at the data, and interpret it into layman’s terms so it’s easy for everyone to understand, and make necessary changes where needed – depending on what the data says.

User Interface Design

If you’re an all-star at this (or have an interest to be), you won’t have any trouble finding a job with the company of your choosing. This person has focused design skills that pair perfectly with their analytical sense. With thousands of technology companies starting up each month, and hundreds more re-branding their design, your UI Design skills are in need.

Business Intelligence

IT Professionals with Business Intelligence skills are needed in every major business sector. We recommend keeping your eye on healthcare, financial services and retail – they’re a little more developed in this area. It’s one thing if you have the IT chops, but it’s another if you really understand the business and industry. This skill will take your IT mastery to another level.

Mobile Development

Okay, this one is obvious. Everything is Mobile. Websites, apps, emails, video, you name it… most businesses are either starting out in the mobile playing field or scrambling to get up to speed. Both of those scenarios offer talent with an expertise in this area the upper hand.

SEO/SEM Marketing

This is the field that everyone thinks they’re awesome at, but in reality they aren’t. Not because they ‘aren’t good’ necessarily, but with the rules & technology of SEO and SEM changing almost weekly, it has become a specialized skill that requires in-depth training and lots of time.

Java Development

Java is a 20+ year old skill that shows no signs of fading out. Simply because it’s still the basis of many open source projects, and is the foundation of countless others. If you have this skill, keep honing it in. Be the best and show that you’re the best. You’ll have no problem landing your dream job in no time.

Software QA and User Testing

It’s easy for the teams involved with creating a product to either forget about certain elements of the project, or to get distracted with an ‘idea’. So, Quality Assurance and User Testing professionals are here to keep everything on track. They ensure the final product is built per the required specifications and that the usability is on point during each critical milestone. One wrong turn or lack of testing and the entire project could turn into a wash, costing a huge chunk of change and hundreds of hours of wasted time. Software QA and User Testing professionals can and do save the company from wasted assets, ensuring the final product is perfect.

Help Desk & Technical Support

This goes beyond just the knowledge of Help Desk experience & Technical Support, since it varies for every company. The focus here is more on personality, and customer service. How are your people skills? Are you a good communicator? Do you explain things well? Demonstrating these interpersonal skills puts you in the running for Help Desk and Technical Support jobs.


As technology gets more complex, so does security. Pair that with the basic human need for security, and we’ll see a flood of opportunities opening up in this space. New technology comes out, new security measures are needed. People get smarter with their hacking and breaching skills, and new security measures are needed. It’ll be a never ending battle for as long as we can foresee, so top talent in the space can feel comfortable their job is secure. Pun intended!

Web Development

For many of the talent entering the workforce, or looking for a new job, this isn’t anything new. In fact, we’d venture to say a high percentage of people in every industry have thought about mastering web development. We can tell you this, web development isn’t going anywhere. Anyone with these skills should focus on mastering them, even if it’s not your specific niche. For example, if you are an SEO/SEM Professional, web development skills will set you apart since they are needed in many SEO/SEM areas. With that, no matter your focus, learning at least a moderate amount of web development skills will give you the upper hand. Not only that, companies are growing their web development teams monthly. As the business grows, the need for more IT professionals focused on Web Development grows.

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