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Travel Nurse FAQs

What is a travel nurse?

travel nurse is a nurse that gets to pick when and where they work. Because the demand for nurses is high, many healthcare systems are experiencing shortages. They seek out traveling nurses to work a specific position for a short period of time, usually from six to 13 weeks. Travel nurses are needed in a variety of specialties, opening up the opportunities for diverse work experiences. Explore travel nursing gigs with SkillGigs.

What are the benefits of becoming a travel nurse?

Pay rates for travel nurses varies by state, but is typically more than the wage for permanent nurses. And this pay rate difference has been in place far before the unprecedented pandemic times. A travel nurse is taking on a temporary assignment where there is a severe shortage and are compensated for their flexibility and work in hard-to fill specialities. Travel nurses that use SkillGigs have access to our intuitive bill rate calculator so that you can set your desired rate. Hiring managers see your requested rate when they submit an offer. Sort through your most competitive offers and fill your calendar with the offers you accept.Travel nurses also benefit from flexibility in their schedules and the ability to choose when they want to work. By choosing travel nursing over a traditional hospital contract position, nurses can travel from state-to-state, from hospital-to-hospital, all while earning an income while seeing new things throughout the country. Travel nurses have the flexibility to choose when and where they want to work, traveling from California to New York, and everywhere in between.

How Can You Become a Travel Nurse?

In addition to your valid professional licenses, you need one year of recent hospital or long term care-based nursing experience and good references. Remember you can only practice in the state you are licensed in, so you’ll have more opportunities if you maintain multiple state licenses and if you possess flexibility. See if your license is apart of the NLC here.

What Are The Minimum Travel Nursing Requirements?

The minimum travel nursing requirements depend on your area of specialty, as well as the facility, unit, and sometimes even the location of the position. The facilities we work with have different requirements and preferences, but the majority of them request a minimum of two years of experience. For some specialties like psych and rehab, the minimum can be higher.

Am I Under Any Obligation After Submitting My Bid?

Bidding is a key component to how SkillGigs e-commerce talent marketplace works. Bids are non-binding, but they indicate how interested a hospital is in your professional profile. Not only will you receive an email notification when this happens, but you can also find all bids in your dashboard through your SkillGigs account. Bids are a gateway for employers to communicate with you directly, and they are not permitted to send any messages or interview requests before placing a bid, bringing the power back to you! For more on bidding, use the form to contact us with any additional questions.

Do I Have To Commit To A Long-Term Contract?

No. Your commitment to SkillGigs only extends through the length of the assignment you agree to take.

How Do I Choose An Assignment?

Once you have completed the signup process in SkillGigs and have input your specialty and desired location, you should start to receive bids from facilities. You also have the option to browse the marketplace and see which opportunity aligns best with your needs. SkillGigs puts you in the driver’s seat when choosing your assignment.

Can I Work As A Traveler In My Hometown?

Yes! We have plenty of local “travel” opportunities. With our local travel program, you can still enjoy all the benefits of travel nursing, without leaving your family or the comforts of your home. It’s a great way to balance your home life with a flexible and rewarding career. Login to SkillGigs to see opportunities in your area.

Does Skillgigs Offer Clinical Support?

Yes, We have a Clinical Liaison to answer any questions or concerns you have on an assignment.

How Long Are Travel Assignments?

Typically, assignment lengths vary according to the facility and the type of assignment you want based on your needs — however, a standard assignment lasts 13 weeks.

How Long Will It Take To Approve My Application And Start My Assignment?

The turnaround time for your bid to get approved from the facility can be as little as 24 hours if your appropriate documents are in order, and the compensation is ready. If not, your approval process can take up to 1 week.

What Are The State Licensing Requirements For My Assignment?

Your Your Healthcare Relationship Manager (HRM) will advise you on the specific requirements for the state in which you have chosen to take an assignment. To see if your license is apart of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) check here.

What Happens After I Complete My Assignment?

After your assignment is complete, you have many options. Many facilities will give you the option of extending your current assignment or may offer you a permanent position at their facility. If you prefer, you can travel to a new assignment, or even return home and travel at a later date. It’s entirely up to you.

What Kind Of Facility Will I Work In As A Traveler?

The facility that you will work in is based on your professional specialty.

Where Do You Offer Assignments?

SkillGigs offers assignments in all 50 states, including the U.S. Virgin Island. Choose where you want to go, and we’ll get you there!

Will I Work Full Time Or Part Time On Assignment?

All of our assignments are for full-time, 36-to 40-hour workweeks. Also, if you’d like more hours, many assignments offer the opportunity to work overtime.

When will I get first day instructions for my assignment?

First day instructions will be provided once you have met all of the credentialing and onboarding requirements and have been cleared by the facility. These instructions will include who and when to report, what color scrubs to wear, and what to bring. Typically, your final schedule for the week will be given to you during your first day of orientation.

What are the credentialing/onboarding requirements for my assignment?

These requirements vary based on what assignment you accept. However, the standard health documents and certificates normally apply to any travel position. These include proof of immunizations (MMR, Hep B, Varicella, TDAP), Physical and TB test within 1 year, BLS and other nursing/therapy certifications, i.e.: TNCC, ACLS, PALS, NRP, NIHSS. You might expect to complete specific facility learning/training as well.

How Much Will I Earn?

The pay rate is based on facility location & bill rate we charge to the facility. With the SkillGigs Total Transparency, we have an intuitive bill rate calculator that allows you to set your desired hourly rate without worrying about hidden fees.

Are There Any Fees Associated With My Assignment?

We are a client-based service, so we are a completely free resource for you. The hospital clients pay any additional fees required to hire you. When you create your profile on SkillGigs, we have a SkillGigs Transparency Calculator that shows a tentative bill rate based on your desired hourly rate. Sign up and give it a try!

When and How Will I Be Paid?

Your first check date is based on the type of contract you accept. For all-inclusive contracts, your check will be issued on the first Thursday from your start date. All others will be paid the third Thursday from your start date. This is subject to changed based on when your start date.

What is the difference between an All inclusive contract and non-all-inclusive contract?

All-Inclusive — is a travel package option where all of your maximized Per Diem is offered to you.  With maximum per diem allowable offered to you for full control:  this pay package gives the full control back to you to set up your own housing cost and meals/incidentals/travel expenses (M&IE) that are tax free.  You are able to collect back and pocket any surplus tax free per diem income that was not used up in setting up your own housing and M&IE.

Non All-Inclusive — consists of weekly or monthly issued stipends for housing and/or travel. Your healthcare relationship manager will work with you to adjust your pay rate based off your total issued stipends for your contract. For further details, consult with their Account Manager or Healthcare Relationship Manager.

Will I Earn A Bonus If I Refer Another Nurse To Skillgigs?

YES! We welcome and appreciate any referrals you send to us. Under the SkillGigs referral program, you’re eligible for a bonus up to $500 depending on the specialty after someone is placed. Contact your Healthcare Relationship Manager (HRM) for more details.

How Do I Submit My Timesheet?

Timesheets should be signed by your nurse manager or supervisor and submitted by Monday 10AM CST to: – If it is submitted after the deadline, you could experience a delay of pay.

Do I Have To Commit To A Long-Term Contract?

No. Your commitment to SkillGigs only extends through the length of the assignment you agree to take.

What Benefits Does Skillgigs Offer To Traveling Nurses?

SkillGigs offers Health Insurance for you and your dependents. You also have Dental and Vision Insurance while you are on assignment. We also offer 401K and GAP insurance. If you have any more questions, be sure to talk with your Healthcare Relationship Manager (HRM) via the marketplace dashboard.

Do I Still Have Health Benefits When I’m Not On Assignment?

Depends on a case by case basis, but typically when you are finished with your assignment, your Health Benefits will be dropped. If you have any more questions, be sure to talk with your Healthcare Relationship Manager (HRM) via the marketplace dashboard.

Will SkillGigs cover any immunizations, lab work, or certifications I may need for assignment compliance?

We do not cover any testing for your assignment. However, you can speak with your Healthcare Relationship Manager to discuss the option for a possible reimbursement on your first check!

How Will I Get To My Assignment?

Traveling to a new assignment is the responsibility of the traveler. If you have any questions, be sure to message your Healthcare Relationship Manager (HRM) via the marketplace dashboard. See how to avoid unexpected cost you might occur while traveling to your next assignment.

Is Housing Provided on Assignment?

There are many options to find short-term housing for talent professionals (travelers), so let’s review.

  • Company Provided Housing — Do know that SkillGigs does not provide company-sponsored housing. We do provide stipends, where eligible, and all-inclusive rates which, as a traveler, tends to be more favorable as it opens up more opportunities and more control on how you manage your paychecks. If you’d like someone to set it for you, then you need to find a company that can set up housing for you. However, keep in mind if a company sets everything up for you, you don’t receive any housing stipend, which is often what makes travel pay so lucrative.
  • Make Your Own Arrangements — Most often, travelers will choose to accept the housing stipend and make their own housing arrangements. As mentioned, if you’re able to find housing for less than the amount they give you for the stipend, you can keep the rest of the stipend and consider it extra pay, which is a huge perk! In our experience, travelers have always been able to arrange housing for much cheaper than the housing allowance overall.

Do know that stipends, for those eligible, are based on the specific state and county of the assignment. SkillGigs uses the standard GSA guidelines for both meals and housing stipends. The details will be covered by our Healthcare Relationship Managers.

Will I Receive A Housing Subsidy If I Stay With Friends Or Family?

If eligible, you’ll receive a housing stipend or a higher pay rate of your choice. If you spend less on housing than your stipend, it just means you have more on your paycheck! Learn more about finding temporary housing here!

Can I Travel With Pets?

Absolutely! Travel nursing with pets is a great way to share the fun and excitement of your travel experiences. If you choose to travel with your pets, please let your Healthcare Relationship Manager (HRM) know before you confirm your assignment.

Many, but not all, housing complexes allow animals, and most have breed and size restrictions. It is important that you let your Healthcare Relationship Manager (HRM) know all of the details regarding your pet(s) so they can best advise you. Check out these helpful tips when traveling with pets.

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