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Jessica, a Travel Nurse, uses Skillgigs marketplace to find her the perfect Travel Nursing Assignments!

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SkillGigs ensures that all your personal data and transactions are encrypted, and secured so what’s yours remains only yours. there’s no room for mistakes because we didn’t leave any.

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You are always in control, by not just getting to choose the facility but also by naming your own salary to start the bidding.

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Employers negotiate directly with you.

No more middlemen or staffing agencies.

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Use our 3D Resume Technology to promote your personal brand effectively.

The better your image, the more money you make!

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Introducing the 3D resume

Learn how you can use SkillGigs' patented 3D Resume technology to build your own personal brand - complete with a full breakdown of your career history!

Backing you up with stats

SkillGigs' 3D Resume calculates your professional experience, years' worked, and the skills used to create a visual profile of your skill density - giving you accurate data to back up your salary expectations!

Make it easy for employers

SkillGigs' 3D Resume builder ensures companies no longer have to dig through your resume to determine that you're the perfect fit for the job. This tool allows you to tell your professional story in a visually impactful way!

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