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Untangling the Top 4 Tech Stack Terms

If technology were a tree, the roots would be full-stack developers, the beginning point or foundation of “stack” developers. Over the years, as technology continues to advance, so does the collection of software and frameworks used for building mobile and web applications on the back-end and the front-end. This article will dive into the four most common tech stack terms used to diversify the root of being a full-stack developer.

If you are reading this as a full stack developer, consider adding a skill listing with more detail around focus areas such as MERN, PERN, MEAN, and/or MEVN.

If you are reading this as a hiring manager, consider leading with hiring needs that follow the tech stack needs of your company today as well as tomorrow. Tech professionals will appreciate that you appreciate the difference.

Let’s dive in.

Tech Stack Acronyms

These are all acronyms. It’s that simple. Not some secret code that you have to unlock. But simply, a breakdown of the software and applications used. Therefore, understand the following terms that branch into the acronyms:

  • MongoDB: A document-oriented, No-SQL database used to store the application data.
  • Node.JS: The JavaScript runtime environment runs JavaScript on a machine rather than a browser.
  • React: A JavaScript front-end library for building user interfaces.
  • Express: A Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js.
  • Angular (formerly Angular.js): Back-end web application that runs on top of Node.js.
  • VueJS: A client-side framework and is primarily used in front-end web development. It has two-way data.
  • PostgreSQL: It is an ORDBMS (Object Relational Database Management System). A SQL-based database management system.

Talent Tip: If you are listing MERN, PERN, MEVN, and/or MEAN as a skill listing, ensure to break down your skill density in your SkillGigs profile with details on the specifics (aka those words above). This will help with matching skills to employers.

Now that we have the vocabulary laid out let’s get specific.

1 – MERN Stack Developer

MERN is a stack that utilizes MongoDB, Express, React, and NodeJs. MERN stack is the powerhouse back that leads to creating a dynamic website and web applications. The core language in JavaScript allows these developers to work their magic at speed, which can reduce both time and expense.

2 – PERN Stack Developer

If your focus is on building full-stack web applications, then this stack is as it’s a makeup of PostgreSQL, Express, React, and Node. The fundamental difference between MERN and PERN is the database selection. PostgreSQL is ideal for a database requiring complex duties. The use of SQL (MongoDB is a no SQL database type) lays out data in the traditional rows and columns format requiring strict rules to ensure the height of data integrity.

3 – MEAN Stack Developer

I’m a “mean developer” is not only rad but accurate if you are utilizing a stack of MongoDB, Express.Js, Angular, and Node.Js. The use of MEAN stack has become popular amongst those building responsive mobile and web apps and is most commonly known as the open-source stack for development framework. This open-source route has pros and cons, but the quicker deployment outweighs any negativity.

4 – MEVN Stack Developer

As one of the newer acronyms to take on the full-stack developer narrative, MEVN is the open-source JavaScript stack used to build dynamically powerful web applications. MEVN stands for MongoDB, Express.Js, VueJS, and Node.Js. This mega combo allows for various software components to be more effective across frontend and backend design and development, which aids in the overall functionality of the website or app.

The Best Tech Stack

We have no answer to that. The above is the breakdown of the key basics and technical fundamentals of the top 4 tech stacks used to engage in projects. To determine what skill sets you to want to add to your portfolio or to hire, consider the following questions:

  • IS SQL Database a requirement (PERN) or not (MERN)?
  • Does the project or developer team want to be ACID compliant (PERN)?
  • No need for hierarchical data storage (MERN)?
  • Will the project/outcome require complex queries (PERN)?

Ultimate View of Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Development Chart

image source

As mentioned before, full-stack developers are the foundation. They are the talented folks that can transition from frontend to backend development based on the project’s requirements. Hiring a specialized full-stack developer can offer significant cost savings and flexibility in task management to see the project to completion. The world of tech stacks will continue to evolve, and technologies and languages will evolve. Therefore, it’s critical to update skill listings with your latest achievements as a tech talent professional. It is equally important for hiring managers to up their game on terminology.

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