Where Can You Automate Your Hiring Process?
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Where Can You Automate Your Hiring Process?

The future is here and the future is now.

Automation and AI within the hiring and HR space are top trending topics that are being used within our very own industry.

Within the past couple of years, these tools that once helped with recurring tasks and workflows have advanced exceedingly.

Allowing them too efficiently and effectively help with all parts of your recruiting and hiring process. Roy Maurer of Society for Human Resource Management states, “Recruiting automation can be found at all stages of the hiring process, from candidate sourcing and engagement, through scheduling and interviewing, to final selection.” As an HR team discovering these tools can be an intimidating task. However, understanding and utilizing these new technologies pave a way for a proactive pipeline of your hiring process. Read more for 4 ways you can automate your hiring process.


As any recruiter knows the most time-consuming part of the pre-screening process is manually screening resumes. Ryan Leary of Daily Recruiting states, “The problem is that most recent studies indicate that sourcing to conducting interviews are taking up 65-70% of most recruiter’s time.” Using AI and automation within this pre-screening process can significantly increase your effectiveness with building relationships and a faster onboarding process. Thus, allowing you to place qualified talent quicker.

Candidate Ranking

Once the pre-screening process is completed, powerful AI tools are able to go even more in-depth and the use of algorithms to hone in on the most qualified candidate based on their skills. Rachel Bitte of Fistful of Talent states, “Some may even provide a list of the top-five candidates you should spend your time on. This system creates a better experience for the candidate as well since recruiters can get in touch with qualified candidates more quickly, and let unqualified candidates know to continue on in their job search.”Skillgigs uses 3D Resume technology packed with benefits and features that ensure companies no longer have to dig through resumes to determine if candidates are the perfect match for the job. By highlighting their strengths and expertise throughout their career in this new way, you position yourself to land their dream job quicker.


Automation tools can automatically help with scheduling meetings and interviews with the candidate. This powerful tool takes a whole step out of the process and allowing the interviewee and the recruiter to automatically sync calendars and best available times. Bitte states, “What used to be complicated can now be completely automated as machine learning can look at calendars to arrange the time, book an open room and even send instructions and directions to the candidate.” Expediting this process allows for more time to build relationships between both parties and to gauge if this candidate will be a perfect fit for your organization.

Candidate Onboarding

When the evaluations and all the interviews are completed and both parties agree that this position is a great fit. The onboarding process begins. This involves a large amount of paperwork needs to be complete in a short amount of time. Vartul Mittal writer at Medium states, ” When onboarding new hires, the workflows and the onboarding process itself are greatly improved by automation. The processing time for all of the different documents that are required in the onboarding process may be decreased to a few hours rather than a week.”


The recruitment industry is no longer a thing of the past. Automation and AI are here to integrate into our industry and it’s our duty to see how it can make our jobs more effective and efficient. These tools are not here to take the ‘human’ out of human resources but to make us a better department for our companies. By connecting us to a larger amount of talent with the best skill for our companies.