Company Culture is the Key to Attracting Top Talent
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Company Culture is the Key to Attracting Top Talent

If you were to ask your CEO or Executive Director, what keeps them up at night, chances are they will say “hiring the right people at speed,” or some combination. A company’s productivity, innovation, and profitability is closely linked to not just headcount, but the right headcount. Companies and facilities that face staffing shortages, inability to hire, and high attrition are at risk. SkillGigs provides plenty of information about pay and the importance of skill matching, but there is another critical factor: company culture. Company culture is the big fact cherry on top to secure talent attraction and support retention.

Why Does Company Culture Matter?

The war for top talent has been a battle for years – long before a pandemic. Winning that battle and bringing in the right talent, helps you reach and surpass your business goals. A SkillGigs study once found that over 68% of our talent users value a company’s culture over higher pay when considering a job opportunity. So naturally understanding the link between your company culture and your team is how your company is going to reach their goals in 2022.

According to Fast Company, “your corporate brand will reflect your market, customers, and financial success—but your employer brand will depend on how prospective job seekers see you. It’s what they perceive your work culture might look like, and the values that you hold as a company.”

Today, job seekers and employers alike what to feel connected to something. What is the common goal? What are the company values? What is our rally cry? It’s about building a community that creates stickiness. Once you define your answers to those questions, they should be become a part of your talent acquisition process and company meetings.

How Can You Create Company Culture That Attracts Top Talent?

With SkillGigs, we have one quick solution – use the company profile page. Within the employer side of the talent marketplace, convey your culture by using this feature.  As talent scrolls through your gig listings, they can quickly find your company’s profile and view any pictures or information about the company you decide to share. SkillGigs makes it easier than ever to give your company a personality to match your organizational culture. [To set up your company profile today, contact us to sign up for a free account.]

But in general, invest in time and resources to create video messages, collateral, and other materials to help showcase the personality of your company as well as what it is like to be a member of the team.

Company Culture for All

Regardless of your hiring needs being that of a permanent or contract role, company culture plays a key role. Consider these scenarios:

  • You are a travel nurse considering your next assignment. You know wherever you land, you will become connected to a group and community for 13-weeks. What facilities have strong values for those who work there? What does the facility look like? What can one expect to see and experience if they choose your location?
  • You are a Java Developer. You are considering two gigs that are each 6-month sprints. Both will be remote positions. However, which gig is tied to a company where they value their tech professionals? Is the company at the fore front of cutting edge tech? Are you going to be a part of solution that helps others? What’s the impact of this job and the output of the company?

We list these two scenarios because we often look at company culture being just for the permanent employees and positions. But this “showcasing” of your company culture is just as critical if you are looking to hiring contract talent too.

How Do We Attract Top Talent?

Both in our office and in the top talent marketplace, we know ‘A Players’ attract other ‘A Players.’ Fast Company explained, “remember, it’s not just your product or service that makes or breaks your organization’s success–it’s the people you hire that make those products and services possible.”

We go out of our way every day to make top talent feel valued for all that they do!