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5 Reasons You Don’t Have Your Dream Job

A dream job. We all wish we had one. So why don’t many of us? There are countless reasons, that are totally in your control. So our goal is to help you see the light. To help you take that first step to actually pursuing, and obtaining your dream job. Here are a few pitfalls many people run in to, and how you can move past them:

1. You Would Rather Be Comfortable

Deep down, we all want to be comfortable. We may talk big about pursuing our dreams, but when we think of all the steps required to actually achieving that vision, we decide it’s easier to stay with the status quo. It’s more comfortable to keep things as they are than to stir the pot. After all, Netflix binging is pretty fun, right? Calling it a day after your shift is over allows you to “do whatever you want” – at the expense of what you want.

Pursuing your dream job will require a decision to consciously put yourself in situations that stretch who you are. If you are a quiet person, there will come times where you must speak up. If you treasure your nightly Netflix binges, they will have to give way to a possible night class to enhance marketable skills. Sleeping in will have to be replaced by waking with the sun. When pursuing a dream, comfort is a luxury that must be set aside. It will be replaced by the sweat of your brow and the sacrifice of your time. Avoid the comfortable coma.


2. You Want It To Happen NOW

We’re spoiled. Our microwave-it-on-high, all-knowing internet, ever-present streaming, and always able-to-connect cell phones have groomed us to lose patience. This expectation of instant gratification has oozed into every facet of life, including pursuing a dream job. Why shouldn’t it happen quickly? I mean, I’ve pursued this career for three weeks, why don’t I have it yet?

Last time we checked, the best things in life required patience and hard work. Whether it be a marriage or a career, things that matter have a process that can’t be cheated. Take this story for example…

A man had a caterpillar in a jar. The man watched as it built its cocoon and eagerly waited for the butterfly to emerge. One day, the caterpillar began to struggle to get out of the cocoon. The man, filled with compassion and anxious to see its beautiful new form, got a pair of small scissors and carefully cut the cocoon open. Much to his dismay, a fluid filled, chunky worm emerged from the cocoon. The man was confused as to why this happened and asked around. A wise man told him that the caterpillar’s struggle to get out of the cocoon is what pushes the extra fluid out to its wings. Without the struggle, there was no beauty. A lesson we can all apply to our lives. Beautiful things take time, be patient and work hard.


3. You Get Distracted Easily

Got a free minute? Oh, just have to check Twitter or Facebook or Snapchat or Instagram or one of the other billion social networking apps to make sure you haven’t missed the latest update on the cutest thing your niece did today. Instead of being distracted with every free moment, use that moment for something productive toward your dream job. Perhaps it means doing research in your field of interest. Maybe it means sending an e-mail to a potential employer or trying to make connections. If you are really serious about pursuing your dream job, Candy Crush can wait. Remember, distractions destroy dreams.


4. You Don’t Start the Engine

Dreams are great, but they are too hard to actually achieve, right? You might have to go back to school. You’d certainly have to update your resume (Check out our tips here to help with that). It may also be good to get some volunteer experience in the field in which you’d like to enter. Working on weekends might even be required. After counting the cost, you decide there are just too many obstacles in the way of chasing your dream.

But the truth is, no road trip is ever completed without starting the car engine. Simply turning the key and driving the first mile, will lead to more miles. You will see certain doors open and certain doors close. Perhaps there will be new paths you never thought were available. Maybe, just maybe, the journey is just as important as the ultimate destination. Either way, get started!

This is exactly why we’ve created our online job marketplace. To help you turn the key and start driving.


5. You Fear What You Will Become

If you pursue your dream and fail, does that make the core of who you are a failure? If you give it your all and fall short, does that define you as a can’t hack it, incompetent, dream chaser? The answer is a resounding “NO!” Your identity, your worth, is not found in achieving or not achieving your dream job. With the stakes that high, few would dare take that leap into the great unknown.

So, go for your dream job, knowing you are not defined by your successes and failures, but by the fact that you have inherent worth as a human being. Chasing your dream because it is your dream and not your soul purpose in life frees you up to take risks and learn from failure. In this way, you define your dream, your dream does not define you. Pursue your dream job in this freedom.

Even if you haven’t decided on your dream career, we encourage you to browse through the job opportunities in our marketplace. We’re confident you’ll find one that’s the perfect fit.