Win Against Your Competitors for Tech Talent
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Win Against Your Competitors for Tech Talent

The demand for tech jobs has never been higher.

With every advancement in software and hardware comes new specialty skills and new opportunities.

Unsurprisingly, bright young talent hits the market every day excited to hit the ground, running in a unique experience.

The tech industry is on trend to be the hottest job as kids are choosing to learn programming and software development over law or medical practices. The tech industry is like the next gold rush as people flock to California to build a startup hoping for the chance to strike it rich with a buyout or maybe becoming the next big thing in tech.

The Gold Rush

This is more than a craze though, Gartner, Inc. reported that over 3000 CTOs had begun AI implementation in their enterprises. That means at least 3000 new jobs if were being modest. All through the shift in trend opened many opportunities, the market for these specialty talents is very competitive.  With the growing demand comes higher wages, positions provide competitive compensation to lure the best talent. How do small companies hope to compete for top skilled candidates with large corporations?

Solutions for finding the right candidates in a competitive market

The hunt for the best talent can be vexing, especially when you don’t have the resources of a major corporate enterprise. It seems like there is talent everywhere you look but attracting them to come in for an interview is harder than it sounds.

More than likely, your city already has a tech community that could lead to an underutilized advantage.

Before you go out and start trying to recruit these local talents, there are a few things you should do to prepare that will help your chances.  Speak their language, if your job description is hard for them to understand you’re sure to alienate yourself from the talent pool. If you do manage to bring someone in for an interview and the position confuses them, it can make your company seem unorganized or make them feel like they wouldn’t fit into your company even if they’re precisely whom you’re looking for. A tech recruiter knows what they’re talking about and will make the right impression and sell your company in the right way.

Make sure to make an effort to establish your brand in your tech community. There may already be tech organizations and clubs in your area that meet up regularly to socialize, network, or even workshop. Trying to support these communities or also trying to be a part of it goes a long way. Your company could host events that allow for some brand recognition and also lets you get a first-hand look at what your community has to offer. If your company doesn’t have the resources to host an event, you can still be active by sending an ambassador to events.

Marketing does always have to be about the customer. It’s a great way to increase brand recognition and let the right people know you’re hiring particular positions. Marketing lets you cast a wide net and increase your chance of catching the eye of the right person.

Networking among your peers may bring up some unlikely leads to great candidates. If you somehow do not have a network of peers attending industry events allow you to build a network. Losing workers isn’t always negative, and a company may have someone leaving that may be perfect for you, and maybe one day you return the favor. Referral networks are like building alliances that provide a competitive edge against the more prominent, shinier job.

Restructuring your recruiting strategy to cater to ambitious talent is the best way to compete with other higher paying offers. Offering things like reskilling and paid training to allow the employee to increase their skills and provide room for them to improve, which is very attractive to new talent looking for a job.

Patience is the key to finding the right candidate. It’s rare for the talent’s availability to align with your recruiting schedule. Sometimes talent work project to project so waiting for them to see a project through may be necessary. Knowing your community is a big advantage when looking for talent that should not be underestimated. Moreover, taking part in your city allows you to stand out against the big flashy offers.