Your Fight For Top Talent
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Your Fight for Top Talent

Today, we are exploring the 1 thing on all recruiter’s minds:

“How do I win and get the talent that everyone wants?”

These potential employees make all the difference to your company, and having the right strategies under your belt will attract the best talent and help you win the fight for top talent.

So, what helps you win? After some extensive research on the interests of talented baby boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials, we found the target market for employment ALL have high expectations for their work environment and companies can’t expect to win them over without updating their tactics.

Without further ado, keep reading for 4 reasons to up your employee motivation strategies in order to WIN THE FIGHT FOR TOP TALENT.

Challenging Growth

According to a 2015 Gallup Poll, about one-third (31.5%) of U.S. workers felt that they were not engaged in their work environments. As the workforce changes every day employers are challenged on how they can fully engage their employees to perform. Using game motivation tactics like competition, goal-setting, and performance rewards highly engaged the employees are 90% more likely to perform better. As stated in Deloitte’s Millennial 2018 Survey, “As many as 71% of Millennials expect to leave their jobs in the next two years because they are unhappy with how their leadership skill is being developed,” therefore it is essential that the employers have motivation techniques that can invest in their company’s culture and vision.


A healthy employee is a happy employee. Investing in the health of your employees will not only lower healthcare cost but will also boost morale and productivity.  Walt Winter, Vice President, Account Executive at PSFInc states, “Employees leave toxic environments; using a wellness plan can help to facilitate a healthy atmosphere that retains employees.”

Employees that are productive, confident and comfortable all in all creates a healthy and happy work environment. Having a solid wellness program is surprisingly one of the biggest employee retention initiatives that a company can implement.


Alex Goryachev writer at HRDrive states,  “Forty-seven percent of Gen Xers and 42% of millennials say they would leave their current job for not only more money but also for a “more innovative environment.” As employers, it is essential to be open to innovation at all levels of your company.

Yes, leave the major direction of innovation of the company in the hands of C-level managers but create an environment that fosters innovation with inclusion and diversity. At Skillgigs, we allow employers to show their culture through our company branding profile. With the help of our talent advocates, this awesome feature creates a bridge between your company and talent.


Think outside the cubical. Create an energetic work environment with an employee-centered office space where teams can openly collaborate without the barrier of a wall.  Monica Parker a Workplace Design Director at Morgan Lovell states, “The key is having spaces that reflect a culture of everything that motivates and drives people. A space with autonomy and flexibility that’s a space that can transform a business.” In a CBRE report, it says that 77% of surveyors feel that the physical workplace will be more important by the year 2030. Top talent sees this as a major point in their decision of joining an organization and it is crucial that your physical workspace is up to par with your competitors.

A company’s employees are their most valuable resource and just like any other resource your company must invest in them. Reaching and retaining top talent is a difficult process but being innovative and stay open to new ideas can grow your company exponentially. Allowing your company to reach that top talent that they need to advance in the market that they are in.