[Infographic] - The Guide to a Perfect Resume
Advice for Talent & Job Seekers

Your Perfect Resume: A SkillGigs Guide to The Do’s & Don’ts

Whenever you come across your dream job, it’s easy to find yourself wanting to apply right away and see if there’s a chance for something more to come out of it. Before doing so, a few things need to be done plunging into application process including pulling out your resume to make some much-needed changes. For any job, you’ll be competing against a large sea of applicants who are all qualified. To stand out from everyone else, sprucing up your resume is the best bet.

A resume (cover letter, too, but that’s for another time) is the first thing that employers see when it comes to your candidacy, and from there, a first impression is formed. As the online auction-style job marketplace where “seekers” interact, post their skills and jobs with our 3D resume, bid on opportunities and find their perfect match, we created a guide with tips to improve your resume.