Providing nurses pay and career control

Travel nurses and healthcare professionals earn more on SkillGigs by managing their own skills and pay negotiations.

Why should I consider SkillGigs?

SkillGigs focuses on empowering the travel nurse and healthcare professional to take control of the career. When you enter the marketplace as a registered nurse (RN), LPN, CNA or another speciality, you have the freedom of building your own gig pipeline with human support — if you want it. With SkillGigs,

  • Negotiate your pay by sending bids at your preferred rate.
  • All of the gigs posted in the marketplace are real jobs.
  • As every employer partner is vetted, there are no scammers – just talent seekers.
  • No employer partner is allowed to message you unless they are ready to bid on your skills.

Set up your profile and get to earning more.

Travel when you want, earn what you deserve

Direct access top travel, permanent & per diem gigs

Sign up for free today to connect with top healthcare employers and facilities! As a healthcare user in the SkillGigs marketplace, you can

  • Get access to the hidden jobs such as travel nurse, RN, LPN, and CNA jobs in real time.
  • Name your own pay, choose who to engage with and when.
  • Leverage your personal brand for your success using our patented 3D Resume.
  • Engage with employers like never before to ensure good fit and desired pay.
  • Manage all your credentialing paperwork in one place! Set it and forget it.

Are you an employer, acute care facility, or a long-term care facility looking to learn more? Click here.

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Potential Texas Bids

available $3,700/week

Potential California Bids

available $5,700/week

Potential Florida Bids

available $3,600/week

Potential Pennsylvania Bids

available $4,200/week

Potential New York Bids

available $4,200/week

Potential Kentucky Bids

available $4,300/week

Upload your Credentials — Once

You read that right – Upload your credentials just once.

Say goodbye to multiple skills checklists every time you apply to a new job. When you create your SkillGigs profile, put all your important documents in one place and keep them there, ready for every new assignment. Hello, faster hiring!

Check out this short tutorial video to learn how one-time credentialing works.

Interested in taking back control?

Whether you are a travel nurse or looking for a permanent gig, it’s time that healthcare professionals have a hand in shaping their career success. Talent that use a SkillGigs 3D Resume have a 72% higher chance to having their profile viewed. And the more views means, more opportunity!

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