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We’re a talent marketplace. We’re powered by tools and patented technology. We do this, to empower your path.

Marketplace features

SkillGigs’ mission is to power the talent marketplace with innovations for an ever-changing job market. Our talent marketing is forever evolving to your needs and expectations. The key features, we call them products and are optimized and tested as all technology-based products should.

Patented 3D Resume

Hiring Intelligence + Personal Branding

The traditional 2D Resume only speaks to your past, what about connecting based on the strongest of skills?

For Employers

Within 15 seconds tell if the candidate is worth pursuing or not using state-of-the-art hiring intelligence tools, versus relying on job board resumes or resumes sent by staffing agencies. These traditional methods don’t tell the whole story and don’t actually provide any worthwhile intelligent data to help make good fit hiring decisions.

For Talent

Help sell yourself in an uber competitive job marketplace by differentiating yourself and marketing yourself better using state of the art technology which is super user friendly and easy to use.

Skill Listing

Putting Your Best “Products” on the Shelf

The Skill Listing feature empowers people to market themselves in the job marketplace by letting the world know their availability and job requirements. This allows employers to find the right talent in a sea of people.

For Employers

Connect with talent who are truly interested in the sort of gig you have to offer. Our skill listing product reduces time waste because you can show your interest in the candidate and measure their interest back using a tool which helps create an interactive connection between two parties.

For Talent

Don’t get lost in the bottom of the pile in a database, instead keep yourself current in the job market by creating skill listings, just as if you would list a product for sale in an eBay store.


Truly, Honest Pay Negotiation

Employers can open up their jobs inside the SkillGigs marketplace and by doing so they are allowing their jobs to be bid on by our talent who might be interested in the job.

For Employers

A better way to advertise your job or project opening because you are participating in an auction style career marketplace. This whole interaction is more exciting for talent compared to traditional job boards thus building a better pipeline to your open roles.

For Talent

Bid on jobs instead of just applying for jobs. This allows for a better response and a higher probability of success in finding the right job and pay, on your terms. This whole process offers secure transparency between you and employer while giving you the control of driving interview traffic.

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