3 Ways to Prep for A Busy Recruitment Season

As temperatures continue to rise, August is here, and the summer season swings toward autumn, talented young professionals begin to spruce up their resumes in time for the wave of positions opening soon.

Fishing through the sea of applications for the right person can be overwhelming, starting in September, The Balance recognizes this time of the year as the busiest season for talent to look for new opportunities.

According to a previous source from Business News Daily, the seasons of the year typically mirror common business cycles. Taking time to understand seasonal hiring trends may help you stay ahead of the pack, finding better, more suitable candidates before the year is out.

In order to help you navigate the tides of the talent pool, here are 3 ways to prep for this upcoming hiring season:

1. Reach Passive Talent.

As a recruiter, you know that candidates who are actively seeking a new job opportunity can flood the entirety of the talent market, especially during the busy months of September and October. However, preparing yourself early for the busy season can help you reach a hidden market of top talent. Passive talent, or candidates who are open to new opportunities without really going out of their way to find it, are more likely to see your offers over the summer, given the more relaxed nature of the season. Taking time to develop relationships with passive talent early could prompt these professionals to reactivate their job search.  Read more about Passive Candidates here on Recruiting Daily.

SkillGigs works every day to maintain upwards of 200k relationships with top talent professionals, who are more traditionally passive job seekers. We make it easier for passive talent to see opportunities available for professionals with their skill set, providing a rich talent pool for recruiters. We activate this talent, per their permission, making them responsive to your gigs. To learn more about how SkillGigs converts passive job seekers into active job seekers, request a demo of our marketplace here.

2. Take Time to Experiment with New Sourcing Tech

Another way to prepare for the busy hiring season is to try those new tools you keep hearing about. Taking the time now to trial new tools, to determine if your hiring process can be made more efficient and easier could lead to meeting your recruitment goals earlier than expected. Back in May, we highlighted some of the latest talent-evaluation tools on the market for recruiters on our blog. If you’re interested in this tip and want to try out new tech before the busy season hits, check out the resources we found here.

As you experiment, consider using SkillGigs as a tool in your efforts to keep up with HR tech that your competitors are already using to make the recruiting process more efficient. With pre-sourcing, intelligent talent selection, and AI interviewing, SkillGigs does all the hard work in narrowing down the talent pool so that you spend less time filtering out under-qualified or unresponsive talent and more time interviewing top talent.

3. Practice Your Sales Pitch.

Considering the nature of passive talent, we know that timing can impact a candidate’s decision to make a career move. Developing a thorough pitch around selling a position AND the company to a candidate can jump-start your recruiting – even before the heavy hiring season kicks off. Preparing your pitch early could help you recruit that hard-to-reach passive talent that you’ve been developing a relationship with (assuming you take our previous advice). Begin this process now, focusing on the benefits of the position and company culture, in order to increase your chances of landing those key recruits.

Not sure where to start with this one? SkillGigs helps companies develop their company culture brand in the app, so top-skilled professionals in the marketplace can easily imagine what it would be like to work within your team. Find out how to build your company profile, showcasing your organization’s culture, values, and people, here at SkillGigs.

Is it Really Worth the Prep? We Say Yes.

Most industries can expect a hiring wave to hit beginning September through the start of November. Preparing your offer, locking down your recruitment process, and developing relationships with passive talent will put you ahead of your competition in hiring the best talent. With unemployment rates steadily decreasing, addressed here from HR Dive, getting a head start on an already dwindling talent pool will help you hit your hiring goals more seamlessly. Take the time to prepare for this upcoming hiring season to become a more competitive recruiter, beating out the competition by placing your offers first.

The Busy Recruitment Season is No Problem for SkillGigs

Are you interested in developing relationships with passive job seekers, interviewing top talent exclusively, using cool hiring technology, and branding your company for top talent to see who you are? Beat the competition and schedule a demo here!

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