Article in Forbes: ‘Direct Sourcing…Digital Transformation’

(Feb. 17th, 2023) – SkillGigs, Inc‘s CEO & Founder Kashif Aftab publishes an article on Forbes entitled, ‘How To Integrate Direct Sourcing Into Your Company’s Digital Transformation‘. This article is a member benefit of Aftab’s involvement in the Forbes Tech Council.

Excerpt as follows:

“We live in an increasingly digital, virtual world. Companies that cannot keep up will lose revenue and market share, no matter their industry. That’s why the phrase ‘digital transformation’ has been at the forefront of many executive decision-makers’ minds when it comes to operational planning, particularly in non technology-oriented business sectors. ‘How do we digitize?’ ‘How do we evolve our business using technology?’ ‘How do we do all this strategically and efficiently?'”

For more information and to view the full article, please visit article here or to learn more about Forbes Tech Council, here.

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