Attracting Software Developers to Your Company

Due to the competitive nature of today’s talent market, unemployment rates for software developers are close to 1-2%, depending on where you reside.

Most candidates are offered positions from multiple employers and have to choose between those options.

To stand out to top developers, it’s necessary to put in the extra effort.

So, in what ways does your organization attract top technical talent?

A lot of companies gather candidates to fill their available positions through normal recruiting channels, but once they’ve begun the interviewing process, how are they drawing in candidates to want to work for them?

Tweak your management to perfection

Many times, a talented employee’s reason for putting in their two weeks’ notice may have nothing to do with the company itself, but with their leaders. Perhaps they were assigned a new manager with a difficult personality, or maybe the manager finally dropped their fake personality after the honeymoon period. Whichever it may be, the company is losing talent due to the management. To avoid this situation, be sure to hire charismatic, hard-working leaders and establish a thorough management training program. By perfecting the management, your company will see higher retainment rates as well as a better working atmosphere.

Development vs. Maintenance

This seems to be one of the most prevalent reasons software developers are searching for a job. They have worked for a little while at a good company to develop a new and exciting application. Then the application begins the production process, and they are left to remain in maintenance mode and handle bug fixes. Despite the initial innovation involved with the construction of the application, not having new assignments from their current employer limits their technical growth and keeps them from having access to the latest technology. The only way to gain experience with new projects and technology is to leave their position for a new employer.

While interviewing developer candidates, it is necessary for them to have a grasp on the projects they will be assigned to, rather than asking what their past experiences were. Many developing positions require some form of production support, but if this individual will be working on any new development projects, you should display those chances as well as any exciting technology they will have access to. This information could be what determines their choice to go with your company.


Although it may sound strange, compensation levels are not usually the cause for developers to change jobs. That being said, it is still very crucial that you offer a competitive salary to attract high-level developers within the market.

There is a multitude of tools that you can use to ensure that you offer competitive pay. Since the situation differs significantly by region, it is a good idea to double-check on multiple websites to get an accurate reading of salary levels — some useful sites to check on include as well as

While it is not necessary to offer more than anyone else in terms of salary, you do need to make sure that your compensation makes your positions offered competitive on the market. Keep in mind that benefits and bonuses are also highly important, and can be tweaked to your hiring advantage. The important thing here is to ensure that candidates will consider your company significantly when they look at your salary levels.

Highlight your tech leads

To a plethora of software developers, it is comforting to know that the company that they work for has programmers with highly talented profiles. By pointing out the impressive accomplishments of your current leads and managers, you could create a compelling selling point about your company. For example, if you know that one of your leads has experience working with projects in a leading tech company, that would be great to include during your interviews with prospective candidates.

Accommodating schedules and work-from-home options

Most developers are familiar with a high-stress, deadline-driven environment accompanied by long hours and weekend work. This has become a norm for developers and often leads to candidates experiencing burnout in their current position.

It is crucial to provide an excellent work-life balance in your organization. This can be executed by granting the option of a flexible work schedule and allowing employees to come in within a time range, such as 7:00-9:00 a.m. as long as they are maintaining an 8-hour work day. Additionally, work-from-home options can assist in keeping a work-life balance; developers may find it easier to focus at home and will produce better results.

Although there is no formula for appealing to top developers, hopefully, these concepts will give you the upper hand when it comes to hiring a new software developer for your team.