Looking to Hire Tech Professionals? Job Descriptions that Stand Out

You need to hire a digital or tech professional and have to figure out how to write tech job descriptions. And you have the pressure knowing, that these roles are in high demand. How do your tech job descriptions stand out? Did you know that job descriptions have a science behind the sections? The way in which we construct a job description can make a difference in how we stand out to search engines as well as for candidates. SkillGigs provides several job description templates optimized for posting on job boards. Each section is designed to help increase your visibility on job board search engines by leveraging SEO best practices.

Job Description Sections

At a minimum, each job description should include and start with three core areas: 

  • Company Overview/Culture 
  • Job description/Why you are hiring 
  • Benefits and perks 

Starting with these three sections is critical for job boards as well as the user. Today’s candidates want to know who you are, what is the job, and what is in it for them – and as quickly as possible.  

Let us break down these sections into more details: 

Company Culture/Introduction:  

This is where you will write a brief introduction about your company and describe your culture. This is the most important section, as it will be the key selling point for candidates. Emphasize your company culture (day in the life of a team member) and anything else that makes your company amazing. Consider including details here on what your company values and any available career advancement or training the company provides. 

Job Description/ Why We’re Hiring:  

Read the following as if you were filling out a mad lib: We are looking for a [tech job title here] who will take a key role on our team. Our [tech job title here] will be responsible for [first key item], [second key item], and [third key item], and ultimately aligning actions that drive results.  You will be working alongside other [team/function 1], [team/function 2], and [team/function 3] collaborating and iterating on [the product or focus of the company]. 

[Tech job title here] Skills and Expertise {Then list several skills and responsibilities of the role. Remember to remove any that do not fit your specific role}: 

Benefits and Perks  

{{Insert the benefits or company perks here. You will want to emphasize health, any fitness perks, flexible work schedule, remote/hybrid details, company meetings, volunteer time off, etc.}}. 

Next Steps for Tech Job Descriptions

Well naturally, SkillGigs recommends that you have an account with us where you get direct access to top tech talent. [Ask for a demo!] And where your easy-to-use dashboard in our platform makes it intuitive to complete dynamite job listings. But nevertheless, demand is high for tech professionals. And we are here to help in any way. Check out the following, more detailed, resources on specific tech job descriptions to help you in the hunt: