QA Specialist Job Description

This QA Specialist / Quality Assurance Specialist job description template is optimized for posting on job boards. Each section is designed to help increase your visibility on job board search engines by leveraging SEO best practices. Make sure that you keep your job ad titles concise and free from the use of any jargon or internal terms.

A QA Specialist is responsible for quality assurance audits and ensures product integrity and that standards are being met. A good QA specialist will know how to troubleshoot systems to ensure reliability, usability, and performance. Writing a good job description for a QA specialist will require you to understand the skills and responsibilities needed for the specific project and ongoing work.

Below you’ll find a sample template job description for a QA Specialist. You can copy the QA Specialist job description, but make sure to add your own information for company culture, and perks/benefits, as well as double-check that the skills match your exact requirements.

Company Culture/Introduction:

{{This is where you’ll write a short introduction about your company and describe your culture. This is the most important section, as it will be the key selling point for candidates. Emphasize your company culture, perks, benefits, and anything else that makes your company amazing.}}

QA Specialist Job Description/ Why We’re Hiring:

We’re looking for a QA specialist who will take a key role on our team. Our QA specialist will work under limited supervision to monitor software quality and the technical risks associated with the software development lifecycle. Along with these responsibilities, you’ll need to analyze technical risk for new software products, document functional tests, perform complex testing assignments, and investigate operational problems with other technical team members.

QA / Quality Assurance Specialist Skills and Expertise {Below is a list of several skills and responsibilities of a Quality Assurance Specialist. Remember to remove any that do not fit your specific role}:

  • Perform quality assurance efforts on multiple application releases, and monitor and document testing activities.
  • Manage testing for application deployments and assign testing activities to the team.
  • Design, develop, and maintain test cases and strategies for cross-browser testing and multiple user scenarios.
  • Satisfy release deliverables, project testing requirements, and other quality assurance responsibilities.
  • Collaborate with the team to understand product changes and QA testing requirements to deal with issues/defects in a timely manner.
  • Establish a testing feedback loop with other developers and team members.
  • Create written documentation and procedures for application testing and compliance.
  • Debug test environment, automate sprints, and develop testing scenarios.
  • Experienced with end-user testing, usability testing, software, and web application testing, Java/JSP or C#/ASP, PHP {insert any other languages or applications such as JIRA here}.
    {{Make sure to mention any additional frameworks, libraries, or other technology relevant to your project/company}}.

Benefits and Perks

{{Insert the benefits or company perks here. You’ll want to emphasize health, any fitness perks, equipment provided, flexible work schedule, company-catered lunches, etc}}.

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