A Salary Calculator Designed For You

Picture this: You find a job that is PERFECT for you.

Everything in the job description matches your expertise, a fairly short commute from your house, and it’s even close to that coffee house (better known as your second office).

Only problem? The salary range is insulting! If only there was a way to show how valuable you are to that company in reference to the location and years of experience.

Lucky for you, there is a way. Read more to learn what the RMV tool is and how you can use it to negotiate salary.

Real Market Value: Know Your Worth

Ever feel like you have to choose between a job you love doing and a paycheck you love getting? You shouldn’t have to choose! Knowing your Real Market Value can help with that.

What is an RMV Analysis?

The Real Market Value Analysis is SkillGigs unique salary calculator that factors in several variables to accurately estimate what salary or hourly rate you should be earning – based on your industry and skill set.

How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up, it’s very easy to request your RMV. Simply go to your dashboard and select Get My Real Market Value located at the top of your screen. The user is then prompted to fill out a short form pictured below. Here is where the real magic happens:

SkillGigs uses 4 key components of your professional profile to develop your Real Market Value.

 1. Location – Your physical location or the location of the job you plan to apply for can dramatically impact your salary potential.

 2. Market condition – This is based on real-time, ever-changing, supply & demand for jobs and talent available in a given location. The relationship is constantly changing in every city, and our team works diligently to ensure this data is always up-to-date.

 3. Skill – The salary calculator allows you to input up to 3 of your primary skills (i.e. Java, node.js, etc.). This, along with your own assessment of your proficiency in skill factor into your real market value.

4. Title – Lastly, the RMV takes into account your current or desired title and years of experience as the last factor in calculating your true earnings potential.

I know my worth – Now What?

Knowing your real market value gives you several opportunities to achieve the salary of your dreams. (1) It allows you to accurately assess if you’re making your true earning potential in your current position, (2) it gives you leverage to negotiate a more appropriate salary, and (3) gives you the necessary insight to price yourself competitively in the Skillgigs marketplace! Having this data will give you the confidence to negotiate for a salary you really deserve. Hint: It’s probably more than what you’re making now! Ready to request your Real Market Value analysis?  Sign up today!

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