The Biggest Advantage for Offshore IT Professionals Using SkillGigs   

One of the biggest advantages for offshore IT professionals to work for a US-based company is the potential for higher salaries and more competitive compensation packages. US-based companies typically offer higher salaries and better benefits than many offshore companies. This can be a significant draw for IT professionals looking to advance their careers and improve their financial prospects. 

In addition to financial benefits, working for a US-based company can also provide offshore IT professionals with access to cutting-edge technologies, new opportunities for professional development, and career advancement. Furthermore, they get exposure to a broader range of clients and projects. This can help offshore IT professionals build their skills and expertise as well as expand their professional networks. Above all, they gain valuable experience that can help them compete for top-tier positions in their field. 

Finally, working for a US-based company can also provide offshore IT professionals with the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and clients from different cultures and backgrounds. This can be personally and professionally enriching. By working with and learning from colleagues in the US, offshore IT professionals can broaden their perspectives, enhance their communication skills, and develop new strategies for navigating cross-cultural work environments. 

Overall, working for a US-based company can provide offshore IT professionals with a wide range of benefits. The advantages of offshoring include higher salaries, better benefits, access to new technologies and opportunities, and exposure to a broader range of clients and projects. 

SkillGigs allows offshore IT professionals to bid on top jobs  

The IT Professionals bidding feature in the SkillGigs talent marketplace is designed to allow IT professionals to directly connect with employers leading with pay transparency. With this feature, IT talent can get more lucrative or desirable contracts, negotiate their rates, and showcase their skills more effectively. The feature allows IT talent to bid on gigs that match their expertise and expectations.

IT professionals in the SkillGigs talent marketplace have full control over the gigs they want to bid on. They can also receive bids from employers based on their skill listings, opening even more opportunities for them. The bidding feature is accessible for both onshore and offshore IT talent — basically all users of SkillGigs.  

Using automation, our software can calculate the total bill rate for your bids so that your desired rate is not sacrificed. SkillGigs does not take from your pay. IT talent and the employer have the freedom to accept or deny bids. This is to ensure that the best fit is achieved for both parties involved. 

“We are excited to see the growth of IT professionals bidding, a game-changing feature that is set to revolutionize hiring,” said SkillGigs Digital President Brad Hill. 

Bidding is an easy-to-use feature embedded in the SkillGigs talent marketplace that streamlines the job search process. As soon as you log into the SkillGigs talent marketplace you can bid on gigs in real-time, track activity, and receive notifications when you win a bid. This then opens into interviews with potential employers.

“We know that finding the right fit gig, at the right pay, can be challenging,” continued Hill. “This was the motivation behind creating bidding for all our talent marketplace users.”

How Do I Place a Bid?

Placing a bid is easy and takes just a few simple steps: 

Complete your profile: Add accurate information to your profile including your skills, career history, and education details. With a complete profile, employers get most of the information they are after in just one glance. Thus, it increases your chances of attracting the right opportunities

Search for jobs: You can search the SkillGigs talent marketplace by applying filters such as location, industry, and desired pay. Gigs are added when the job requirements arise so you can get new gigs almost every day. 

Click on a job that interests you: Check out the gig details to ensure it aligns with your career goals and aspirations. SkillGigs helps you access all job-related information and offers quick support for any questions you may have. Thus, you can make an informed bid. 

Fill out the details: Provide a compelling answer in your bid by explaining why you are the perfect fit for the job. Consider highlighting relevant experiences, skills, and any additional value you can bring to the table. 

Click on “Place Bid”: When you are satisfied with your bid, hit the “Place Bid” button to submit it. The placed bid will now be visible to the employer, who can review and evaluate your proposal and contact you for any further questions.


IT professionalscan reap the benefits of offshore hiringas it enables them to increase their working potential by working for US-based companies. Also, accessing such opportunities can provide valuable insights into market trends and technological advancements. This can enable IT professionals to gain a competitive edge and achieve high career growth. IT professionals can rely on SkillGigs, a talent marketplace that leverages AI to match you with the right opportunities as per your skill set. Our proprietary bidding technology ensures pay transparency during the hiring process.   

If you are new to SkillGigs, then sign up — it is completely free. It will be your opportunity to see top IT professional gigs currently available in the market to help you get to the next level of success.  

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