Boost Your Job Search with SkillGigs’ One-of-a-Kind Bidding Feature

Job seeker: You want me to place a bid?

SkillGigs: Yup!

Job seeker: What is a bid?

SkillGigs: The level up you career needs.

SkillGigs’ bidding feature is a game-changer in your job search. And it is also the #1 question we get the the hundreds of users joining the marketplace — what is bidding? It’s a unique and transparent system that allows you to connect and communicate directly with employers about gigs through a two-way bidding process. This means you have the power to negotiate and showcase your skills effectively. Bidding is your way of expressing interest in a gig, and you have full control over the gigs you want to bid on. Start by exploring gigs that match your expertise and expectations, then place a bid with your desired rate. Employers can also send you bids based on your skill listings, opening more opportunities for you. 

Why is Bidding Important?

  • Catch the Spotlight: Bidding boosts your visibility and puts your directly in front of employers. In a competitive job market, standing out is crucial, and bidding helps you do just that.  
  • Take Control: Bidding empowers you to take control of your job search. You get to decide which employers and gigs you want to engage with, giving you the freedom to shape your career path. 
  • Initiate Dialogue: When an employer sends you a bid, it’s the first step to a meaningful conversation about your career trajectory. It’s an opportunity to connect and discuss potential opportunities.  

How does Bidding Work?

We’ve made the bidding process seamless for you. Here’s how it works: 

  • Automatic Calculation: Our software automatically calculates the bill rate for your bids. When you receive a bid, your hourly rate is determined based on the employer’s offered bill rate. The marketplace does not take from your pay. 
  • Accept or Deny: Both you and the employer have the freedom to accept or deny bids. This ensures that the best fit is achieved for both parties involved, maximizing the chances of a successful collaboration. 

How Do I Place a Bid?

Placing a bid is easy and takes just a few simple steps: 

  • Complete your profile: Start by completing your profile with accurate information, including your skills, career history, and education details. A well-rounded profile increases your chances of attracting the right opportunities. 
  • Search for jobs: Explore the extensive list of gigs available in the SkillGigs marketplace. Narrow down your search by applying filters such as location, industry, and desired pay. 
  • Click on a job that interests you: Dive into the gig details to ensure it aligns with your career goals and aspirations. Gather all the information you need to make an informed bid. 
  • Click on “Place a Bid”: Once you’ve found the perfect gig, click on the “Place a Bid” button to initiate the bidding process. 
  • Fill out the details: Provide a compelling bid by explaining why you’re the perfect fit for the job. Consider highlighting relevant experiences, skills, and any additional value you can bring to the table. 
  • Click on “Place Bid”: When you’re satisfied with your bid, hit the “Place Bid” button to submit it. Your bid will now be visible to the employer, who can review and evaluate your proposal. 

Ready to unlock a world of exciting opportunities? Start bidding with SkillGigs today and let your unique skills shine to top employers. 

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