Payment Trend Series – Payment Rates from October 2023 to February 2024

For hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations, keeping abreast of the latest payment rates is vital, especially across diverse nursing specialties. This knowledge sheds light on the continually shifting reimbursement landscape, providing valuable insights into specialty-specific payment structures. SkillGigs’ recent healthcare payment trend series delves into the average payment trends across various specialties spanning from October 2023 to February 2024.

We aim to furnish nurses and healthcare facilities with actionable insights into the changing terrain of healthcare payment rates, empowering informed decision-making. Comprehending the current payment rates is paramount for both nurses and healthcare providers. It empowers them to advocate for equitable compensation, navigate shifts in the healthcare system, and maintain financial stability. As payment models undergo flux, nurses must remain updated to effectively recognize the value of their contributions.

Moreover, this blog acts as a conduit between healthcare economics and the pragmatic facets of nursing practice, equipping professionals with the acumen to navigate billing and reimbursement intricacies. It also contributes to cultivating a more transparent and fair compensation environment within the healthcare sector.

Ultimately, being well-informed about healthcare payment rates transcends financial security; it is a strategic necessity for nurses to assert their value and meaningfully contribute to the evolving healthcare landscape.



ER RN payment rates demonstrated fluctuations, starting at $61 in October 2023 then gradually decreasing to $54 in February 2024.



L&D rates exhibited fluctuations, with a peak in October at $71 and then a gradual decline to $61 in February.

Med Surg

Med Surg 2024

Med Surg rates showed a continuous decline with being at $59 in October 2023 and then declining to $49 in February 2024.


OR RN February 2024

OR RN rates showed variations, starting at $66 in October 2023 and fluctuating throughout the months to end at $59 in February 2024.



PCU rates experienced fluctuations starting with a high of $61 in October and declining sharply to $42 in February.

Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist February 2024

Physical therapist rates remained relatively stable starting with $53 in October and ending with $54 in February.



ICU RN rates did not fluctuate too much  starting with $64 in October and ending with $61 in February.

Stepdown RN

StepDown RN February 2024

Stepdown RN rates were surprisingly same starting with $64 in October and ending with $64 again in February.



Telehealth rates exhibited fluctuations, starting at $62 in October and ending with $59 in February.

Acute RN

Acute Care February 2024

Acute RN rates exhibited fluctuations, starting at $57 in October and ending with $54 in February.


These revelations not only equip healthcare institutions and practitioners but also streamline adjustment and triumph in the face of industry shifts. By staying attentive to payment trends, individuals can adeptly navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare.

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