Top SkillGigs Travel Nurse Onboarding and Payroll Questions 

While searching and applying for jobs travel nurses come across different platforms. Clearly, they need to know which platform is offering genuine jobs and timely payment. Moreover, to check the authenticity of the marketplace, travel nurses ask a lot of questions about job timings, work culture, housing assistance, contract renewal, specific perks and benefits, and payroll questions. Thus, platforms and marketplaces that clearly list down the onboarding process and answer common payroll questions generate more trust among travel nurses.  

Apart from trust, another crucial factor in deciding the job platform is ease of use. So, creating a profile on the platform and finding jobs should be simple and easy. SkillGigs helps travel nurses create a profile in a few steps. Travel nurses can set up their profiles using an email address. Subsequently, they need to just enter their personal information, work history, and certifications. Also, when they upload their resume, SkillGigs will convert it into an attractive 3D resume that presents them in an attractive manner. 

Travel nurses who create a profile on SkillGigs get to apply for short-term and long-term gigs for acute care as well as long-term care. More importantly, SkillGigs uses AI and other advanced technology to help travel nurses find the best suitable job as per their skill set and pay preferences. Also, they get a dedicated healthcare relationship manager who can assist them in onboarding and answer any payroll questions they may have.  

Here are the top onboarding and payroll questions asked on SkillGigs

1. Will I be paid for these modules I am required to complete prior to starting?

We pay a flat $250 for all modules completed during onboarding which is paid on your first check.   

2. Do I have to pay for the drug screen and other lab work?

No, you will not have to pay for those mandatory screenings. However, the time and gas costs to complete lab work are your responsibility.  

3. What can cause my start date to be pushed?

There are several causes for this. Primarily, failure to complete required labs, screenings, and assessments within 48-72 hours of being placed in onboarding can result in a start date push. Also, if the NEO class is at capacity or the facility generated has not been processed a start date can be pushed as well.  

4. If the fingerprint location is far away, am I reimbursed?

Indeed, fingerprinting locations vary by state and facility. Although, the preference is for candidates to complete fingerprinting closer to their current locations. However, some facilities require fingerprinting on-site, and/or some states require candidates to complete the process in the designated state of the assignment. Nonetheless, the time and gas costs to complete lab work are your responsibility.  

5. Can the documents you ask for vary between assignments?

Documentation can vary for each assignment. Above all, it is all based on what the client requires at the time of acceptance.

6. What is the entire time duration of onboarding?

Once an offer is officially accepted, the client stops interviewing for that position. Onboarding can take 7-10 business days with no delays. However, failure to complete required actions within 48-72 hours of onboarding can result in additional time in onboarding. 

7. When do I get my first paycheck?

Your first check date is based on the type of contract you accept. For all-inclusive contracts, your check will be issued on the first Thursday from your start date. All others will be paid on the third Thursday from your start date. Undoubtedly, this is subject to change based on your start date.  

8. How can I check my pay stub?

Log onto your personalized Paychex Flex account and within your dashboard you can check your pay stubs.  

 9. Who can I ask when there is a deduction in my pay?

Please reach out to your market manager or support team at Please suggest a good time for them to connect with you to address any concerns.

10.I have a problem updating my timesheet. What do I do?

Make sure to reach out to directly for the quickest response. Do know that any changes in your timesheet will need the facility manager’s approval. Also, the time of submission of your timesheet may affect your payroll. 

 11. D0 I get paid for sick days?

SkillGigs does not offer paid time off unless your assignment is within certain states where pay accrued sick time is mandated. If you are concerned with making fewer hours, work with your healthcare relationship manager or market manager for support in getting you max hours in the weeks to follow.   

12. Why am I not getting the pay according to the contract signed?

There could be many factors that play into this. Please contact any member of our team to check this with you.  

13. I need time off why won’t they approve?

All requests for time off (RTO), unless an emergency, must be submitted at the time of interview for contracted travel nurses.   

14. Is there any referral amount for recommending nurses?

Yes, SkillGigs will reimburse you upon completion of the first 13-week contract of a referral nurse in the amount of $250 per referral. 


SkillGigs is a health and talent marketplace that offers genuine gigs for travel nurses in healthcare facilities across the country. SkillGigs has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for Healthcare Staffing Services Certification (HCSS) for the company’s healthcare fulfillment division. Furthermore, the Gold Seal is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to a higher standard of healthcare service.   

Travel nurses frequently work in different healthcare facilities located away from their homes. Therefore, they need round-the-clock support to tackle any issues or challenges they face on the job. SkillGigs helps them find solutions to different challenges they face by offering dedicated support and personal care manager. Apart from finding answers in the popular onboarding and payroll questions FAQs, travel nurses can use SkillGigs messenger to speak to our support team.  

Our expectation is that during standard work hours, Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm CST, you will receive direct support from your dedicated team (when in doubt email Our call support also routes all your concerns to the necessary individual(s) to follow up within 24-48 hours. In other words, you can text, call, email, or chat with us — and we will support you.  

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