Why Travel Nurses Can Trust SkillGigs

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, be it personal, professional, or societal. And here at SkillGigs, we would argue that trust is at the top of the list for travel nurses looking for their next gig. Travel nurses often work in unfamiliar environments where they are surrounded by unfamiliar systems, processes, people, and teams. It’s this level of unknown, that makes their relationship with the team that placed them so important.  

To be a travel nurse on SkillGigs means, you are working with a dedicated SkillGigs team member (typically called a Healthcare Relationship Manager or Market Manager) to help you find a facility that gives you the pay you deserve. Once you are locked on contract, SkillGigs is your employer of record while the facility is your employment manager. In other words, a travel nurse’s trust in SkillGigs is where it all begins for a successful assignment. 

Here’s why travel nurses should trust SkillGigs

Access to a wide range of opportunities 

SkillGigs connects travel nurses with various healthcare facilities and job opportunities across different locations. By having partnerships with multiple hospitals, clinics, and healthcare organizations, SkillGigs offers travel nurses a broader pool of options to choose from.

Verified job listings 

SkillGigs vets and verifies the job listings featured on the platform. The talent marketplace also ensures that the healthcare facilities and positions advertised meet certain quality standards. This helps travel nurses feel confident that the opportunities they find through the marketplace are legitimate and reputable.

Streamlined application process 

SkillGigs provides a streamlined application process, making it easier for travel nurses to apply for multiple positions. Instead of going through separate application procedures for different facilities, nurses can create a profile on SkillGigs, create skill listings as per their skillset and submit their information to multiple employers with the smooth process of bidding.

Credential verification 

SkillGigs verifies the credentials and qualifications of travel nurses before accepting them onto their platforms. This verification process helps maintain the integrity and quality of the talent pool, ensuring that healthcare facilities can trust the nurses they hire.

Support and assistance 

SkillGigs offers round-the-clock support and assistance to travel nurses throughout the job search and placement process. Your dedicated Healthcare Relationship Manager will be there to assist, however, we also provide you a liaison when on assignment. If you have a question, about anything, reach out to resource@sg.dandeli.me and they will get you pointed in the right direction. Also, our talent marketplace provides guidance on licensing requirements, helps with paperwork, , and provides career advice. This support can make the travel nursing experience more manageable and less stressful.

Transparent reviews and ratings 

SkillGigs shows reviews and ratings from other travel nurses who have worked with specific facilities or assignments. These reviews provide valuable insights into the work environment, staff, and overall experience. By reading these reviews, travel nurses can make more informed decisions about the opportunities they pursue.

Ease of communication 

SkillGigs is a transparent talent marketplace that understands communication is key to building trust, and open and honest communication can help establish credibility and foster positive relationships. Communication with SkillGigs is all about how you as a travel nurse and connect with us as well as how we seek out feedback to improve our processes. Ensuring that you are covered and get the answers you need is of the utmost importance to us. 

Gold Seal of Approval

SkillGigs has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for Healthcare Staffing Services Certification (HCSS) for the company’s healthcare fulfillment division. The Gold Seal is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to a higher standard of healthcare service.  

Why SkillGigs? 

SkillGigs is not another traditional staffing agency — we are more than that, we are your talent marketplace. Any questions, comments, and concerns can be shared within the SkillGigs messenger where you are introduced to your support team. Within SkillGigs.com, you can review all major FAQs, read the latest career advice, and submit requests for help.   

Our expectation is that during standard work hours, Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm CST, you will receive direct support from your dedicated team (when in doubt email resource@sg.dandeli.me). Our call support also routes all your concerns to the necessary individual(s) to follow up within 24-48 hours. In other words, you can text, call, email, or chat with us — and we will support you.  

Also, SkillGigs evokes a practice known as Net Promoter Score (NPS) – this is a quarterly survey sent to everyone that was on an assignment, no matter the length, within a given quarter. This is a direct, open feedback opportunity to give insight into your experience, your likeliness to recommend us, and any other commentary. We review our NPS and analysis across every single team in this company.   

Still not convinced? Check out this case study about travel nurses maximizing their opportunity with our bidding feature in the marketplace. Click here. 

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