How to be a Successful Nurse

Healthcare careers are a broad spectrum, with many professions embodying unique specialties that collectively contribute to patient care. This November, there are several celebratory weeks to acknowledge Med Surg, Nurse Practitioners, and peri-operative/OR. Therefore this article is perfect to review a profession that is so multifaceted with professionals ranging from registered nurses (RNs) to certified nursing assistants (CNAs) as well as advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs). These nursing competencies require special training with corresponding clinical skills for expertise. In this blog post we will discuss the necessary and critical skills to become the most successful nurse in any specialty. 

Without a doubt, hard skills training is necessary to make good nurses; intense training in medical-surgical nursing (Med Surg), progressive care unit (PCU), accident and emergency (ER), or theater (OR) nursing alone, is not enough. Soft skills such as teamwork, effective communication, and critical thinking, to mention a few, are equally (if not more) important. These soft skills are crucial to being a successful nurse long-term.  

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Communication Skills

Communication is a vital component of human existence, and regardless of your nursing specialty, proper communication is a critical part of your job. 

In some instances, the nursing station is the patient’s first contact with the hospital, and how they are received would greatly influence their perspective of the hospital. Furthermore, nurses often explain treatment plans to the patients and try to allay their fears. Therefore, you must learn to communicate medical information clearly and concisely without triggering worries or fears. 

In addition, nurses sometimes must deliver unbearable news to patients and their families, which requires effective communication skills alongside empathy and compassion. More importantly, the two-sided nature of communication is worthy of note. Effective communication is not just in words; you should have a strong command of body language and other elements of non-verbal communication. 

Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving 

Patient treatment could take unexpected and unpredictable turns, requiring you to think on the spot, analyze the situation, identify complicating factors (if any) and decide how best to administer patient care. 

Being a registered nurse (with RN specialties and competent skills) helps with patient assessment, interpretation of results, and diagnosis; critical thinking skills enable faster decision-making, providing the edge needed to be a great nurse. 

Conflict Resolution

Given the nature of the healthcare delivery system, the chances that members of a team of professionals might disagree with each other’s methods and approaches are high. Deciding on the right treatment option from a list of choices might lead to an altercation, but this should not constitute an obstacle to patients’ care. 

When issues arise, a skilled nurse should endeavor to rise above conflicts, prioritize the patient’s needs and avoid imputing frustrations on others. 

Conflict resolution and management demand that you find a peaceful solution to disagreement whenever it ensues. 


Getting overwhelmed by your patient’s grief and sorrow is easy as a nurse. Even in some cases, they may project their frustrations onto you, which could be an uncomfortable and challenging situation. Nevertheless, the profession demands that you are patient and empathetic. 

Clinical empathy could mean communicating graciously, listening actively to your patients, responding to their emotional needs, and making them feel comfortable and safe, regardless of the situation. 


Patient recovery is mainly dependent on the relationship between health professionals. The healthcare delivery system is an integration of professionals from different fields and specialties. Healthcare providers must learn to work as a team for effective healthcare delivery, setting aside personal feelings for the team’s success. 

Physical Endurance

Nurses usually work long shifts and must be physically active for an extended period. It usually involves laborious actions like moving patients or heavy equipment, requiring stamina and strength during work hours. 

Therefore, pay close attention to your physical fitness. Successful nurses understand that giving themselves a respite between shifts is just as important as listening to their own bodies. This enables you to make conscious efforts to stay fit to prevent physical exhaustion, as your state of health significantly impacts your ability to deliver optimal care. 


You should be confident in your ability to deliver optimal patient care. Often, confidence goes with the experience you acquire. That is why exploring diverse types of specialties and contracts is a fantastic way to expose your abilities and to learn. Afterall, knowledge is power.   

Work Ethic

There is a moral standard to work known as ethics. Work ethics shape your attitude to work and can directly affect your productivity. It also positively affects your team members’ perspective toward work. Your mindset to work should be based on a set of self-guided rules, such as diligence, punctuality, integrity, and honesty.

Technological Skills

The advent of technology in medicine has advanced healthcare delivery efforts. Nurses need basic technology skills because they may be required to upload, access, and update patients’ files and records. In many health institutions, advanced software and applications have been employed to manage electronic health records. The importance of technology in medicine cannot be overemphasized, and you need to get accustomed to technological trends to remain relevant in the healthcare system. 

To Wrap

Nursing specialties and clinical skills are vital to succeed in nursing, but soft skills are much more essential in becoming a successful nurse. A perfect blend of both skills would set you on track for a profitable and exhilarating nursing profession.  

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