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Did you know that the cybersecurity market is set to grow at a CAGR of 12.3% from 2023 to 2030 (Source) according to a report by Grand View Research? Talk about job “security.” Factors responsible for the growth of cybersecurity professionals are the increased risks of cyberattacks, the growth of ransomware, lack of data security compliance, and sophistication in data breaches among others. Each one of these reasons is a critical underlayment to all companies’ digital infrastructure and integrity. It will, if it isn’t already, be a major focus as companies look to expand and grow. As a tech professional, this is a great time to capture and evolve skill sets to maximize your career potential. 

Cybersecurity professionals like malware analysts, security architects, application security engineers, and penetration testers among others are responsible for building and safeguarding the digital infrastructure of a company. If this is your career path, then you understand that these roles will require you to brush up your skills regularly to nullify the rising cybersecurity threats.  Companies are always on the lookout for professionals with up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends in the cybersecurity environment and the essential skills to ensure secure digital infrastructure development.

In this article we will review the top in-demand skills companies are looking for.
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  1. Programming skills – Programming skills are essential for every cybersecurity career as knowledge of programming languages can help solve major and minor code issues. Apart from solving code issues, you will be able to take the right mitigation approaches to prevent the occurrence of similar code issues. Also, you will be able to automate tasks and save money and time.Most cybersecurity professionals have a basic knowledge of programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, SQL, JavaScript, and PHP among others. However, candidates who have mastered programming languages have an edge over those who do not possess an advanced understanding of such languages. 
  2. Ethical hackingEthical hacking is the process of carrying out similar actions that a hacker will take without the intention of harm towards a company. By thinking like a hacker, you can identify system weaknesses and vulnerabilities and patch up potential entry points. By learning ethical hacking, you know how a system gets hacked, how to prevent such attacks, and what to do in case such an attack happens and better safeguard the digital infrastructure of your company.
  3. Risk assessment – With risk assessment, you get to examine data to identify risks, calculate the impact of those risks and develop the right risk reduction strategy. To examine risks, you need to be able to determine the worst possible outcome as well as determine the probability of that outcome.After acquiring risk assessment skills, cybersecurity experts can check how risk-averse the digital infrastructure development plan is currently and what they can do to make it better. By doing this, companies can avoid loss of business value.
  4. Cloud security – In this era of digital transformation, most businesses have their data, application, enterprise tools, and overall infrastructure on the cloud. Moreover, there are multiple cloud environments like public, private, and hybrid with their own security set-ups. By taking the right cloud security measures you can ensure user authentication, data privacy, and resource access control among other things. Also, knowledge of cloud-based data systems services like Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services can help you choose the best cloud service for your business.
  5. IoT securityWith so many IoT devices available today, any such device can connect to a company’s network and compromise its security. Such devices are also more vulnerable to threats and attacks especially if they are unprotected against ransomware and malware.By leveraging IOT security, you can create strong security profiles and group devices under a network that is authorized for your systems. Thus, you can protect your company and data from unauthorized hackers and third parties.
  6. Network securityNetwork security involves the process of protecting the usability and integrity of your data and network. Candidates studying network security get to learn how the network, routers, firewalls, and other software and hardware systems of an organization work. By implementing network security, you can protect your emails, get virus protection, improve access control, enhance mobile and application security, and spread other outbreaks that can compromise your company’s digital infrastructure and security network.
  7. Blockchain security – Blockchain networks enable transparent information sharing within a business network. A blockchain network divides data, transactions, or code into small batches or blocks that are verified and accepted into a blockchain network. Companies like Microsoft, IBM, Walmart, and FedEx use blockchain technology to run their business operations. Cybersecurity experts who master blockchain security can protect a company’s network from cyberattacks than can compromise their security.
  8. Artificial intelligence With the threat of cyberattacks looming large on companies, many of them are resorting to artificial intelligence to counter this problem. AI can help companies map and predict the behaviour of authorized and unauthorized users. Also, it can detect data anomalies and prevent the occurrence of security breaches.Cybersecurity professionals trained in artificial intelligence can build and automate different strategies to defend networks and software systems.  

To wrap this up 

Skilled cybersecurity professionals are a top priority for companies all over the world. The value they bring to an organization is enormous to help build and safeguard digital infrastructure.  Apart from your area of expertise, adding these skills to your Skill Gigs 3D Resume can help you make a strong impression on employers and hiring managers. 

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