What Are the Top Concerns for Travel Nurses?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, travel nurses played a big role in meeting the staffing shortage across all types of healthcare facilities. Even with the rise of this contract-based nursing profession, the nursing shortage persists throughout the US healthcare system. The effects of COVID only compounded what was already a growing concern — an overall reduction in the workforce compared to the demand. Due to this pressure on supply and demand, there is round-the-clock need for travel nurses with plenty of opportunities abound. 

Besides being in demand, travel nurses face a lot of challenges while on the job. Travel nurses can often feel lonely and unappreciated at work, find it difficult to adapt to different work settings, and tackle licensing and credentialing issues among other concerns. Such concerns can keep them from giving their best, compromise patient care, and adversely affect their personal health.  

Here are the top travel nursing concerns that travel nurses should address in a timely manner — and how SkillGigs has your back.  

Job security

Travel nursing is reliant on short-term contracts, which means you may have concerns about finding the next assignment after your current one ends. This can weigh on your mind, which does not help after working long hours. So, registering on a platform like SkillGigs that offers gigs based on the skillset and experience, can help you. With this marketplace, you can build a gig pipeline and explore all sorts of opportunities. When you work for a traditional agency, you are at the mercy of the recruiter and only the jobs they are permitted to fill at rates they do not control. Not to mention, they don’t disclose their “cut” of the deal. With SkillGigs, you are in control. And nothing feels like security more than when you have control.

Adapting to different work settings

Each healthcare facility has its own protocols, charting systems, and routines. Travel nurses must quickly adapt to these new environments and learn to work effectively within different teams. The ones who are unable to adjust find it difficult to strike a balance between personal and professional life. Within the SkillGigs marketplace, there is a rating and review feature that also extends to facilities. This is an area where you may be able to learn from fellow travellers what to expect at a facility to help you prepare.

Licensing and credentialing

Travel nurses need to maintain active nursing licenses in multiple states, which can involve additional paperwork, fees, and continuing education requirements. Keeping up with licensing and credentialing can be time-consuming and costly. And speaking of time-consuming, having to re-enter this information for every single application is nonsense. Will SkillGigs, you can securely upload all your credentialing material to easily bid and apply on gigs time and time again. All you must worry about, is keeping the most up-to-date records in your profile. 


Housing and accommodations

Travel nurses must often relocate every 13 weeks or less. Thus, finding suitable housing for short-term assignments can be a challenge, especially in popular travel nurse destinations where housing may be limited or expensive. Securing safe and comfortable accommodations is a significant travel nursing concern. With traditional agencies, they will take a cut of your pay to offer these services to you. Here at SkillGigs, if your assignment is eligible for lodging and meals and incidental expenditures (M&IE), you have the freedom to choose, where to live, ensuring your make the most out of your financial decision making. 

Work-life balance

The demanding nature of nursing, coupled with the uncertainties of travel assignments, can make it difficult for travel nurses to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Long shifts, irregular schedules, and being away from family and friends can impact personal well-being. Work-life balance is really a subjective thing that each individual needs to determine what they need and when. If you can earn more on specific assignments because you were able to negotiate your rate, you may find that option to take more down time in-between. This might be the way to strike that balance you’ve been needing. 

Workforce issues 

Depending on the assignment location, travel nurses may encounter understaffed facilities, high patient loads, or inadequate resources. Work-related challenges along with other day-to-day nursing issues can be stressful for travel nurses. Here at SkillGigs, we have several layers to support you. From a clinical liaison to immediate team support with your healthcare relationship manager or market manager. To take it a step forward, we also have a services liaison that you can reach at resource@sg.dandeli.me — direct all questions to them to ensure speedy support. 

New ways of working: Agency vs Marketplace

One of the biggest travel nursing concerns is finding a staffing solution to represent them as they travel. Travel nurse gigs are contract-based roles requiring a staffing provider to be their employer of record. In today’s market, there are traditional agencies, and then there are marketplaces like SkillGigs. Traditionally, travel nurses are 100% reliant on someone else to make all the key decisions for them: their pay, their benefits, their housing, etc.

However, with the emergence of marketplaces, travel nurses can negotiate their own pay directly as well as the terms required for them to make the most out of their contracts. Talent marketplaces provide a fair salary, benefits, and support during assignments. Therefore, it is important to research options thoroughly and chooses the best marketplace that can offer travel nurses the right pay and regular jobs. Contact us if you would like a member of our team to assist you.  


Travel nursing concerns when left unaddressed can turn into stress which can affect your ability to fulfill your duty. Therefore, it is important for you to plan schedules in a way that you have time for yourself. Also, you must surround yourself with people who can support and guide you to be in a safe space mentally, physically, and emotionally.  

Travel nurses can rely on SkillGigs, a talent marketplace that leverages AI to match you with the right opportunities as per your skill set. Our proprietary bidding technology ensures pay transparency during the hiring process.  

If you are new to SkillGigs, then sign up — it is completely free. It will be your opportunity to see top travel nurse gigs currently available in the market to help you get to the next level of success. 

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