The 7 Most-Searched Tech Skills

We know how talented you are. But are you really making the most out of your tech skills’ listings on SkillGigs?

Whether you’re part of our awesome (and growing) talent marketplace to browse new opportunities or you’re new to the tech industry and curious about which skills to invest in, we wanted to give you the insider look at our 7 most-searched technical skills on our platform. This insider list of tech skills can also help to impact your overall application when hunting for the next gig, whether your are a SkillGigger or not.  (Want to be a SkillGigger? Sign up today!)

Read on to discover what high-demand tech skills are most searched!

With over 4500 tech and engineering skill listings and just a few hundred gig listings to fill, being searchable on our platform is essential to standing out from your peers. Let’s just jump right in – Here are the 7 most searched tech skills on SkillGigs – week after week:


You probably guessed Java would be our most searched skill on SkillGigs. Whatever proficiency level you consider yourself at, it’s never a bad idea to keep up-to-date and in the loop with everything Java – Check out this list of the best Java boot-camps and courses provided by SwitchUp.

2. JavaScript

Often abbreviated as JS (yes, more letters), JavaScript has earned the #2 spot on our list of technical skills most searched by employers who use our site. If you don’t know JavaScript or you want to brush up on this skill, try out this free tutorial from W3Schools for an in-depth tutorial that teaches JavaScript from basic to advanced levels.

3. Python

As common as Python is these days, this high-level programming language is still ranked as one of our most sought after skill on a week to week basis, sitting at number 3 on our leaderboard If Python is on your list of languages you want to learn, Codecademy offers a free 10-hour course on Python here, or learn it from the source on Python’s home page here.

4. C++

So many letters!! – If you know C++, then you know exactly why it’s our 4th most-searched technical skill. This high-level programming language is an awesome skill to have in your back pocket – if you’re interested in adding this language to your skill-set, check out this free interactive tutorial from Learn-CPP.

5. SQL

Structured Query Language (SQL) lands in our top 5 most-searched skill. This programming language is highly sought after by our employers, so if you know it – you rock! If you don’t – that’s okay too! Microsoft offers these awesome SQL Server Courses for free. *Link here! Or you can enroll in this SQL boot-camp using your Oracle account and learn the basics of SQL and working with Oracle Database. Adding this to your overall tech skills list would be a great enhancement.

6. CSS

Cascading-Style Sheet, or more commonly known as CSS, is our 6th most-searched week after week. While this markup language is a core amongst teck skills, it is similar to HTML, those who use CSS know exactly what makes it special. This skill just happens to be special to our employers, too! If you’re experienced in CSS and it’s not on your skill listing or resume, we suggest you update it as soon as possible! However, if CSS is a skill you want to learn more about, check out this article from CSS Newbie, “9 Free online courses to learn CSS.”

7. Agile

Serving as an iterative approach to both project management and software development, Agile sits as our 7th most-searched skill on our site. If you’re experienced in Agile, some of our biggest clients are looking for you! If you’re interested in learning more about Agile software development, check out The Atlassian Agile Coach for more information on Agile, similar topics, and even tutorials on Agile project management, kanban, and scrum.

There you have it! Our top 7 most-searched tech skills on our site! Do you have all seven? Do you have half? – Or even one? Regardless of your skill level, your worth matters!

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