Large US Retail Employer Success

When a company is faced with hundreds of open roles, what features lead to success?

How does a 60% candidate response rate sound?

SkillGigs utilizes patented technology called 3D Resume to offer recruiters an in-depth analysis of candidates’ skills and experience, highlighting if a candidate is a good match for a company. The most exciting feature of the marketplace is the bidding functionality that creates a pipeline of possible employers suitable for a particular candidate. All the bids can be checked on the SkillGigs dashboard, and the platform also sends SMS and email notifications to candidates. This employee-centric bidding feature prioritizes employees’ needs, allowing recruiters to improve candidates’ hiring experience. Only once both parties accept each other’s terms do they engage in comprehensive and purposeful discussions and interviews, making the process more transparent and connected. SkillGigs research indicates that such an approach streamlines hiring strategies, helping organizations swiftly and efficiently connect to appropriately qualified candidates.   

By giving employers a comprehensive view of a potential employee’s skills, expertise, and experience, SkillGigs significantly reduces the probability of bad hiring decisions, saving overhead recruitment costs and time. SkillGigs’ platform can also be integrated with third-party ATS systems, streamlining the lifecycle of the hiring process even further. To enhance the platform’s user experience, the company offers round-the-clock support during the implementation and ramp-up stages and encourages its clients to get started by publishing a few gigs and continuing to add more as their requirement changes.   

One of our employer partners seeking top tech talent, happens to be one of the United States’ largest privately held companies with a strong focus on remote hiring. This employer partner is a fast growing digital and IT department with high demands in critical roles. The client listed over 40 job postings in the marketplace and received a 60 percent positive response with interview demands, while one-third resulted in successful hires. This remarkable volume to speed to hire ratio highlighted the immense potential of the SkillGigs platform and the value it brings to the table. Looking forward, the company has plenty in stores with product rollout and improvements in the platform. SkillGigs will redefine the HR industry and foster a culture that gives employees the upper hand while improving the efficiency of hiring strategies for employers. 

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