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Why should I consider SkillGigs?

Our marketplace puts your career goals and choice in your hands while we work to partner with top employers to bring you the perfect gig! The platform supports your career goals to ensure you find the perfect gig. And the best part?  You can always rest assure that SkillGigs is safe. Know that when you use SkillGigs,

  • All of the gigs posted in the marketplace are real jobs.
  • As every employer partner is vetted, there are no scammers – just talent seekers.
  • No employer partner is allowed to message you unless they are ready to bid on your skills.
  • Bidding means that what you see are real job opportunities.

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Direct access to top contract & permanent gigs

Sign up for free today to have top employers from various industries apply to you! As a candidate in the SkillGigs talent marketplace, you can:

  • Get access to hidden jobs.
  • Name your own salary, choose who to engage with and when. No more unsolicited calls and spam emails.
  • Leverage your personal brand for your success using our patented 3D Resume.
  • Engage with employers like never before to ensure good fit and desired pay.
  • Lead with your personalized skill listings to get AI-matches sent to you.
  • Initiate transparent negotiations with sending bids as well as receive bids from employers.

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Jump-start your tech career with SkillGigs

Use tech, to build your tech career

SkillGigs focuses on the roles and skills that are the hardest to find. And digital professionals top that list. When you enter the marketplace, you have the freedom of building your own gig pipeline with human support — if you want it. When hired through the marketplace, you become a W-2 contractor and removes the hassle of 1099 management. It’s free. There’s no risk to look. And you can choose to set it up and let the AI do the rest. In other words, use tech, to help your tech career.

Tools and Tech

We’re a talent marketplace powered by tools and patented technology. We do this, to empower your path.

3D Resume

It’s time we shake up the traditions of a 2D resume.

Skill Listing

Empowering people to market themselves with top skills.


Bidding based on known skills and expectations.

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