Podcast Spotlight: SkillGigs’ Brad Hill Guest on ‘Firing Squad’

“Firing Squad” by ‘The Chad & Cheese Podcast

Our digital president, Brad Hill, recently was a guest on the “Firing Squad” by ‘The Chad & Cheese Podcast.’ This podcast, hosted Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman, is especially invigorating because both of the hosts have an extensive staffing industry backgrounds. Their unfiltered approach is direct and sometimes uncomfortable as they challenge their guests and what they come to pitch.

“eBay did it with Flea Markets, Netflix to Blockbuster, but can the old stodgy multi-trillion-dollar staffing industry be changed overnight? Brad Hill, President of Digital at SkillGigs is betting on it, but will he and SkillGigs have what it takes to get past the Firing Squad? ”

Listen in on the 37 min discussion here.

Excerpt of the transcription:

Firing Squad Intro (0s): Like Shark Tank? Then you’ll love Firing Squad! CHAD SOWASH & JOEL CHEESEMAN are here to put the recruiting industry’s bravest, ballsiest, and baddest startups through the gauntlet to see if they got what it takes to make it out alive? Dig a fox hole and duck for cover kids the Chad and Cheese Podcast is taking it to a whole other level.

Joel (23s): Oh yeah. What’s up everybody? It’s your favorite guilty pleasure with another episode of Firing Squad. This is the Chad and Cheese podcast. I’m your co-host, Joel Cheeseman, joined as always, the Ren to my Stimpy, Chad Sowash. And today we welcome to the Firing Squads SkillGigs President of Digital Brad Hill. Brad, welcome to The Firing Squad.

Brad (48s): Hey guys. Hey Joel. Hey Chad. Looking forward to it.

Joel (51s): Oh, glad to have you here, Brad. Brad listened to his first episode this morning over his Wheaties, so we’re not sure how this is gonna go for Brad, but Brad, for our listeners tell us a little bit about Brad, the person. What makes you tick?

Brad (1m 4s): What makes me tick? So, let’s see. I’ll make it in some couple of bullets. I feel like, you know, from a professional perspective, I’m a recovering corporate executive, loving the world of startups today. Shade tree mechanic, struggling to do that, trying to improve my car karaoke capability and not doing a very good job of that. So, but you know, from a standpoint of what makes me tick and listen, I love the passionate about what we’re doing in the industry. I love being able to construct and build things. I’ve always kind of thought that, you know, you’ve got a couple of options in a career, and the more that you can basically be able to drive and build something and change and disrupt, I enjoy that piece of it. I’ve got two wonderful boys.

To learn more about Chad & Cheese Podcast and to review the full transcript, click here. Enjoy!