Podcast Spotlight: SkillGigs’ Brad Hill Guest on ‘Work on Demand’

“The Future of Hiring: How SkillGigs is Revolutionizing Staffing”

Brad Hill, President of Digital at SkillGigs sat down the the hosts of ‘Work on Demand‘ back during the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) 2022 Gig Economy conference.

The whole discussion centers around how “traditional brick-and-mortar staffing agencies have inefficient and biased ways of connecting employers with talent. Online platforms are beginning to disrupt this gig economy industry by providing a more efficient way to find the right people for the job.” Brad goes on to say, “many online talent platforms have elements of converging the VMS world of 20 years ago. [And that…] platforms such as SkillGigs is the next 20-year disruptor.”

‘Work On-Demand’ with host Paul Estes is the podcast all around looking at how we Uber, is how we will work. His podcast pitch focuses on, that “there are approximately 60 million independent workers in the United States representing $1.5 trillion in U.S. GDP and it is all moving to the cloud… The future is here, just not equally distributed. If you want to be sure you understand everything happening in the Gig Economy and the future of work, don’t miss an episode!”

Listen in on the 28 min discussion here.

What You Will Learn:

  • [00:18] Brad Hill’s backstory and how he got into the gig space
  • [01:50] Effectively connecting who has it and who deserves it
  • [03:31] The inefficiencies of most staffing agencies
  • [07:51] The talent journey
  • [09:08] Specific problem that SkillGigs exists to solve
  • [10:20] How long will it take someone to be approved to start working in SkillGigs
  • [13:13] Most common types of jobs Brand Hill has witnessed in SkillGigs
  • [17:18] Gig economy platforms as the next step of eCommerce
  • [21:27] Why staffing agencies are disrupting themselves