Top Hospitals for Nurses in the U.S.
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Top Hospitals for Nurses in the U.S.

While all hospitals desperately need nurses as a crucial part of their patient care team, nurses have more options in terms of careers.

Instead of hospitals, they can find jobs assisting physicians, practicing home care, and even teaching at institutions.

With more and more hospitals hungering for nurses, it is important to examine what exactly attracts nurses to hospitals.

The answer, however, is quite simple. Flourishing hospitals show nurses that they value them, and offer great benefits, support teams, and amazing work environments. Below is a list of five of the best hospitals for nursing in the United States.

1. Schneck Medical Center in Seymour, IN

Nurses’ satisfaction levels have continuously exceeded national standards in this flourishing hospital in Indiana. Much of this may be due to its recruitment policies. When hiring new employees, current personnel are able to perform peer review. This not only ensures the quality of new hires but also works to improve the social atmosphere of the workplace. This policy has plummeted staff turnover levels to the lowest in over two decades.

Twice recognized by the Magnet accreditation system, this hospital is one of the top places to work at in the entire state of Indiana.

2. Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD

Registered nurses who also want to obtain higher medical degrees should look towards this hospital. Sitting at the top of the list of best graduate schools for nursing in the country, Johns Hopkins offers a medical education like no other.

Overall, Johns Hopkins has held the title of the best hospital in the United States for over two decades, offering top-notch guidance programs, nursing careers, and patient safety standards.

3. Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago in Chicago, IL

Specializing in pediatrics, this Magnet accredited facility has also been labeled as one of the best nursing hospitals by the Healthcare Advisory Board. It boasts a fantastic work environment for nurses as well as offers excellent guidance programs.

Furthermore, this hospital also recognizes the crucial contributions made by nurses through the DAISY award, a national honor that is bestowed to the best nurses across the nation.

4. Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, FL

Part of a hospital network called Baptist Health, this hospital makes it a goal to keep all their employees satisfied. To achieve that goal, the hospital has constructed an extraordinarily thoughtful and comprehensive benefits package.

Nurses here can enjoy extremely flexible schedules, thorough training guidance, as well as home buyer benefits. The amazing network also offers programs for employees to move up within their career. This hospital even included complimentary parking as well as discounts on public transportation.

5. West Virginia University Hospitals in Morgantown, WV

Also a Magnet-accredited hospital, West Virginia University offers incredible flexibility in their shifts and assignments. They provide monthly timetables and the option of regular or rotating shifts. While weekends aren’t required, they provide the incentive for higher compensation for those shifts. With so much freedom in scheduling, it is no surprise that they have booming employee satisfaction levels.

Furthermore, this hospital also offers recognition for its top achieving nurses, encouraging better and better patient care practices. They are pros at making their nurses feel valued and even integrated important decision making for their nurses. At the hospital, nurses are sure to thrive through a tremendous mentoring program as well as fantastic benefits.