Global Remote Workers Join Talent Marketplace: Sell Your Skills and Land the Job

Are you an IT professional working offshore in India, Hungary, Romania, Central America, or South America? Then listen up! Companies across the United States are looking to hire more offshore IT professionals to mitigate costs, access more skills, and manage digital transformation productivity. This is where SkillGigs comes in. 

Using SkillGigs’ talent marketplace will help you sell yourself in an uber-competitive job marketplace by differentiating yourself and marketing yourself better using state-of-the-art technology. Don’t get lost in the bottom of the pile in a database; instead, keep yourself current in the job market by creating skill listings.  

We understand that a top concern for international talent is being treated equitably. There is plenty of fear of the unknown, but with SkillGigs, you set your desired pay and can negotiate directly with interested companies. You will have control like never before with support when you need it. No more recruiters negotiating behind your back or unclear as to what job you are applying to. SkillGigs provides talented professionals the ability to show interest, by way of a bid, directly to employers. It’s a change from the traditional way of applying.  

Job boards will fail you or give you false hope. Although we are a tech marketplace, we are also full-service, ensuring that all talent is based by a customer service rep who will help keep track of your activity. 

Offshore IT professionals know that using the SkillGigs talent marketplace, they can view and bid on jobs by employers looking to hire remote-based individuals. And in some cases, gig opportunities that will offer H1-B visas. 

About 10% to 20% of U.S. service support jobs like software developers, human-resources professionals, and payroll administrators could move overseas in the next decade, according to Nick Bloom, an economist at Stanford University. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to access jobs by U.S. employers, grow your skills, gain exposure, and make great pay by being a user of Join the talent marketplace today and sell your skills to land the job you deserve!

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