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SkillGigs wants you to explore how staffing agencies can leverage talent marketplaces — like us — to thrive and increase revenue in the modern hiring landscape.

Disrupt the hiring process and thrive

To thrive in today’s hiring climate, traditional staffing agencies must first understand its dynamics. Rapid technological advancements, changing candidate expectations, and the rise of the gig economy have reshaped the traditional employment model. It has been reported that “67 percent of hiring managers believe it is very or extremely important their staffing firms use up-to-date technology, and 32 percent of staffing industry leaders plan to invest in new technology this year.” We call the need to update technology, the disruption that all hiring practices need. Whether it is for contract or permanent roles, SkillGigs talent marketplace caters to the most in demand skills which the healthcare and IT professions.

“The way you can engage talent via a request to apply is a game changer.”

-Steve, NY Based Staffing Supplier

“I saw where CareerBuilder was trying something like this; it doesn't hold a candle.”

-Kim, IT staffing out of Chicago

Unlock several key benefits

Explore the top benefits of leveraging a top talent marketplace.

Increase fill rate

Using SkillGigs, staffing agencies will be able to increase fill rates for their customers because of the expanded reach offered. SkillGigs offer access to a diverse pool of candidates, including passive job seekers who may not actively apply through traditional methods. You can reduce your average time to fill of 4 months to a matter of weeks. This widens your agency’s reach and enhances their ability to find the right candidates quickly. Keep in mind, talent marketplaces are available 24/7, capturing candidates around the clock as they work and live.

Streamline processes

Staffing agencies can streamline their entire process by accessing the ready-to-go talent. Unlike with job boards or a VMS, staffing agencies do not need to go back to square one when trying to unearth talent with consent to submit. Talent marketplaces streamline the hiring process through intuitive interfaces, automated screening, and efficient communication channels. These platforms eliminate administrative bottlenecks, enabling agencies to focus on building relationships and providing personalized services to their clients.

Enhance quality

The advanced AI matching algorithms of the SkillGigs talent marketplace improves the quality of candidate matches, increasing the likelihood of successful placements. This enhances client satisfaction and strengthens the agency’s reputation as a trusted partner in talent acquisition.

Competitive advantage

Staffing agencies that leverage the SkillGigs talent marketplace gain a competitive edge in the industry. By embracing innovative technology and adapting to the changing needs of job seekers and employers, agencies position themselves as forward-thinking and capable of delivering results in the modern hiring landscape.

“This could reduce or offset our dependency on Indeed and LinkedIn Recruiter.”

-Tyler, Dallas, TX Staffing Firm Leader

“Having a single platform that can handle my perm and variable staff is very attractive.”

-Wayne, a Government staffing security company

Top Talent

Explore the top in-demand roles across the SkillGigs talent marketplace.

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Our Leaders

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Kashif Aftab
CEO and Founder
Steve Saville
SkillGigs President
Brad Hill
President, Digital Marketplace

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About Kashif

Kashif is a tech entrepreneur at heart. As the Founder & CEO of SkillGigs, he leads all product design, innovation, engineering, and business growth of the SkillGigs Talent Marketplace.

In addition to being a pioneer in the launch of eCommerce style talent marketplaces, he also is the inventor of the 3D resume, a patented AI and ML resume technology. Recently, Kashif founded SwipeFox, a new generation ad tech company, and he is also the CEO of SwipeFox. 

About Steve

Stephen Saville is the SkillGigs’ president, providing strategic and operating oversite for the company in addition to serving as a member of the company’s board of directors. For almost three decades, Steve has built, scaled, acquired, sold and led staffing and workforce management organizations. Most recently, Steve served as the group president for Cross Country Healthcare assisting its CEO and executive team with the organization’s turnaround. Prior to joining Cross Country Healthcare, Steve served as president of CareerStaff Unlimited, a national healthcare workforce solutions organization. From July 2017 through April 2019, Steve also served as senior vice president of Workforce Solutions, leading talent acquisition and workforce management for Genesis Healthcare, the largest provider of post-acute skilled nursing care in the nation. Throughout the years, Steve has also worked with leading private equity firms to provide operational consultancy on key projects. Steve earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Cabrini University.  He also earned his Juris Doctor from Widener University. 

About Brad

Brad has over 25 years of global experience in design, construction, and execution in business development, executive leadership, operations, general management, and strategic consulting within the IT Solutions & Staffing industry. He has a focus on people, process, and performance with an emphasis on sales & delivery enablement, organizational change, value translation, branding, and business performance optimization. As SkillGigs Digital’s president, Brad’s leadership role is critical to the continual development of our technology talent network and the client seeking out talent in a competitive market.