Article in Forbes: ‘Regaining Control After The Chaos’

(July 13th, 2023) – SkillGigs, Inc‘s CEO & Founder Kashif Aftab publishes an article on Forbes entitled, ‘Regaining Control After The Chaos‘. This article is a member benefit of Aftab’s involvement in the Forbes Tech Council.

Excerpt as follows:

“For many healthcare executives, regaining control has meant stepping outside of the traditional healthcare box and embracing one of the many AI-powered sourcing tools and methods in the market right now. Doing this, however, requires careful consideration of your organization’s specific needs and an understanding of the associated challenges that come with AI. When it comes to AI, we are still in the ‘wild west’ early days of a game-changing new technology. Therefore, implementing AI-powered recruiting tools requires an honest look at your existing capabilities, especially if you’ve never used them before….”

For more information and to view the full article, please visit the article here or to learn more about Forbes Tech Council, here.


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