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Your IT professional success, starts here

And your success matters here at SkillGigs. When you join the SkillGigs marketplace, you are joining the disruptor of the traditional staffing agency. Using our tech, you can choose where you want to work, how you want to work, and how much you want to make. The choice is yours.

An alternative to traditional recruitment agencies

SkillGigs offers a flexible earning opportunity that can be a great alternative to using a traditional agency. If you’re already an IT professional, using SkillGigs can help you grow your income by giving you the power to make your own decisions. Gamify your career and collect that experience by setting your skills and desired pay. SkillGigs also offers an alternative to the conventional agency relationship providing gigs within all major cities – not hard-set facility agreements with options for fully remote, hybrid, and on-prem.

Let your skills, do the talking.

Gigs update in our marketplace in real-time. Add your skill listing in our marketplace and relax as our tech will drive the best job traffic to you 24/7 with fresh jobs. Top Employers use SkillGigs to fill their full-time, travel, or per diem assignments.

Here’s the types of IT gigs available on SkillGigs

With the SkillGigs talent marketplace, you do not have to limit your search. You can actively consider contract and permanent gigs all at once. You are in the driver’s seat controlling the direction you want to take your career.

IT Contractor

Looking to gain rapid experience? Ready to take on big earning contracts? Then it’s time for you to become a SkillGigs IT contractor where you name your own pay and choose who to engage with and when.


When setting up your profile you can select a permanent skill listing to make sure you’re matched with the best full-time opportunities. Engage with employers like never before to ensure a good fit and desired pay.

Off-shore IT

The demand for offshore talent remains steady. The marketplace welcomes our colleagues overseas to sign up and create a profile that is seeking sponsorship. Plenty of employers need you.

How to use the technology

The best route is to simply, start. We are a technology-first, enabled service. Thos one fundamental element is what sets us apart from traditional staffing firms that are heavily reliant on human-based services – along with human-based bias, error, etc. The benefit of being technology-first, while in the palm of your hands, is that you will always have options, 24/7 where and for how much you want. There are no middlemen deciding your fate. Your future should be yours to decide.

Here’s how to start using SkillGigs for success

1. Sign Up

Begin with the basics. Sign up by following the setup and early learnings. Once you sign up, you’ll automatically be prompted to create your very first skill listing.

2. Complete Profile

Add your skills or specialties and preferred locations to personalize your matches. A completed profile is more likely to get a bid in the first few days of joining.

3. Bidding

We are not a job board OR staffing agency. SkillGigs is the future of hiring. Our bidding feature allows you to reach out to potential employers.

4. Accepted gig

Congrats, on your assignment! And the best part, is that you were in the driver seat the entire time. We have online support, 24/7 call support, as well as

Earn like never before.

Clear and transparent pay negotiations have been easier. By using SkillGigs vs. your typical staffing agency, you can ensure that you will meet your financial goals every year with ease!

SkillGigs top talent FAQs

It is a very simple we are a talent marketplace that brings employers and top talent together. We envisioned SkillGigs to help make the act of hiring and finding a job simple, this is what we strive to do daily. Built by leaders from the outsourcing and staffing industry who’ve recruited and helped thousands of awesome candidates land jobs at some of the largest companies globally. SkillGigs, is an AI-based sourcing platform that serves as top talent marketplace. We offer a unique perspective on the art of finding the perfect job. Think of us as job matchmakers. SkillGigs is here to facilitate relationships with employers directly with talent. We are a resource for active professionals, enabling them to build their personal brand, directly interact with employers without a middleman, and to ultimately find the perfect job.

The company is headquartered out of Houston, TX but we have teams across many major cities within three countries to ensure the utmost timeliness with candidate and client care. As for where we place talented individuals? We’re nationwide! Contact us today about your immediate hiring needs to see what talent we have ready in your area.

Our focus is on the most in-demand and skilled positions found across all industries in need of IT and digital talent.

Simple answer is that it is your opportunity to have open pay negotiations directly with the employer. Employers bid on you to start the conversation about a gig. You then have the choice to choose if you are interested or not. If interested, our platform connects the two parties and manages the entire lifecycle. But why wait for the employer to bid on your profile? With SkillGig bidding tech, you, too, can bid on jobs you are interested in. You can bid on full-time jobs, contract jobs, and even remote jobs. With the initial pay negotiation done before finalizing the interview, using our bidding tech, you don’t need to stress about pay negotiation.

Sell your skills in an uber competitive job marketplace by differentiating yourself and marketing yourself by using state of the art technology which is super user friendly and easy to use. The Skill Listing feature helps people market themselves in the job marketplace by letting the world know their availability and job requirements, allowing employers to find you in sea of people.​​​​​​​

Using the SkillGigs platform vs. a traditional staffing firm, means that you have complete control over what gig you want to work for. Before, you only saw jobs that recruiters from staffing companies decided to share with you. SkillGigs marketplace search allows you to explore contract and permanent gigs — simultaneously. It’s your life, so it should be your choice. The job you want is only a BID away.

As an IT marketplace user in SkillGigs, you can:

  • Get access to the hidden jobs such in real time.
  • Name your own pay, choose who to engage with and when.
  • Leverage your personal brand for your success using our patented 3D Resume.
  • Engage with employers like never before to ensure good fit and desired pay.
  • Manage all your credentialing paperwork in one place! Set it and forget it.

SkillGigs, is the ultimate career marketplace, where you can create your very own unique personal brand to help sell your skills and the ecommerce-style interaction ensures you get the job you want with the pay you require. This is achieved through our transparent bidding process. We believe that every job seeker can improve their earning capabilities and their income potential if they only knew how to market themselves properly and by building a proper pipeline of gig activity around themselves. Whether you are looking for full time work or project work, we have got everything that you need to help make your career a success.

That means you’ve joined the SkillGigs community of growing tech and digital professionals! And to speak technically, you are a W-2 contractor of SkillGigs on assignment at one of our employer partners. There are other role opportunities that employers or hiring managers present where they are your employer of record or provide 1099. You will grow skills and grow experience with those employer opportunities while employed by SkillGigs.

There are several resources to help you. Check out any of the following:

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