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Sourcing, hiring, and managing talent shouldn’t have to be hard. Our ecommerce-style, innovation-first talent marketplace can help you drive efficiency with the right talent pipeline.

Rising tech demand in retail & CPG

Today, we operate in a job market where key positions the retail industry needs to achieve a complete digital transformation often go unfilled. There are nearly twice as many jobs available as there are people searching, and while this trend is concerning, these shifts in staffing are not new worries for this industry. We’d first explore learning more about how your company is managing through shortages and how a change in the hiring process could bring major efficiencies. SkillGigs is a disruptor to bring a new way to approaching on-demand talent management.

Our Capabilities

Explore the top benefits of leveraging a top talent marketplace.

Digital Tranformation

Build digital transformation efficiencies by incorporting SkillGigs’ total talent solution with our direct sourcing platform. The ability to source freshly curated talent, ready with skills needed for your IT projects, opens up productivity like never before.

Candidate Management

On average, nearly 10% of all jobs open for retail companies fall into IT. With the demand to digitize business, the battle for the best IT talent wages on. With SkillGigs explore meaningul engagement with top in-demand talent. No more blackholes or lost candidates in an ATS or job board.

Contract Flexibility

Traditional VMS and MSP solutions will lock you into a long-term agreements that make it difficult to strategize and grow your talent pool with other efforts. SkillGigs does not require long-term, locked-in agreements to get you start.

AI Technology

Staffing models dependent on third-party recruiters are reliant on others to create supply. And let’s face it, human don’t always perform. SkillGigs’ technologies operates outside of third-party recruiters providing a higher success probability for your open roles.

Global Scale

Our Talent Marketplace gives employers access to contract talent globally to fit their strategic demands for location, timezone and costs and no longer require them to invest in expense outsourcing partnership or their own brick and mortar.

Redeployment Management

Retail employers build their own private talent cloud of contractors to redeploy over time by retaining access to talent at the end of assignment and maintaining their discounts in hiring.

Case study

Review how one major US employer saw results, quickly.

Top Talent

Explore the top in-demand roles across the SkillGigs talent marketplace.

Time is Now – Direct Sourcing

Over the past several decades, we have seen drastic shifts in how companies hire and retain talent. Currently, we operate in a job market with a sub-1% unemployment rate for critical skilled roles across industries, and technology roles are the fastest growing jobs in retail (source). That’s why now is the right time to implement a direct talent sourcing model for your company. Throughout this paper, we will explore not only the benefits and skills gained with direct sourcing, but we will challenge the whole model to work across the entire talent cycle. In this paper, we will explore not only the benefits and skills of direct sourcing but challenge the model to cover the entirety of the talent cycle. Download your free copy today!

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Our Leaders

Digital Marketplace Expertise

Brad Hill
President, Digital Marketplace
Kashif Aftab
CEO and Founder

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About Brad

Brad has over 25 years of global experience in design, construction, and execution in business development, executive leadership, operations, general management, and strategic consulting within the IT Solutions & Staffing industry. He has a focus on people, process, and performance with an emphasis on sales & delivery enablement, organizational change, value translation, branding, and business performance optimization. As SkillGigs Digital’s president, Brad’s leadership role is critical to the continual development of our technology talent network and the client seeking out talent in a competitive market. 

About Kashif

Kashif is a tech entrepreneur at heart. As the Founder & CEO of SkillGigs, he leads all product design, innovation, engineering, and business growth of the SkillGigs Talent Marketplace.

In addition to being a pioneer in the launch of eCommerce style talent marketplaces, he also is the inventor of the 3D resume, a patented AI and ML resume technology. Recently, Kashif founded SwipeFox, a new generation ad tech company, and he is also the CEO of SwipeFox.