Employer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Employers

SkillGigs is an AI Sourcing platform that places the best healthcare, digital and technology talent within an innovative marketplace designed to help you make smarter, faster hiring decisions. SkillGigs builds relationships with top talent, and then helps this talent market themselves in our marketplace to top employers.

If you’re a hiring manager or recruiter, keep reading for more information on how this intuitive platform works and how you can use it to hire the best talent.

How do we serve talent in our marketplace?

SkillGigs understands that we have go the extra mile to support the high demand talent that chooses our marketplace to find their next gig or project. We are uniquely able to provide programs that benefit not only the talent but also positively impact the hiring and managing experience of our employers.

  • Referral Bonuses – We promote growth of our marketplace with incentivized bonuses for referring new talent to the marketplace
  • Sign-on bonuses – We provide talent a % of all hours worked during their first month of employment
  • Performance Tipping – We fund employers with dollars to tip talent throughout the engagement for high performance, above and beyond contribution to their projects

Ultimately, we deliver a seamless and simplified job searching experience. SkillGigs enables talent to fill their calendar with top positions across the U.S. through travel contract roles or per diem shifts, or to find long-term permanent placement depending on their preferences and immediate needs. With SkillGigs, talent has the freedom to choose their own path.

What is SkillGigs?

It is a very simple we’re a talent marketplace that brings employers and top talent together. We envisioned SkillGigs to help make the act of hiring and finding a job simple, this is what we strive to do daily. Built by leaders from the Outsourcing and Staffing Industry who’ve recruited and helped thousands of awesome candidate’s land jobs at some of the largest companies globally. SkillGigs, is an AI-based sourcing platform & top talent marketplace. We offer a unique perspective on the art of finding the perfect job. Think of us as job matchmakers. SkillGigs is here to facilitate relationships with employers directly with talent. We are a resource for active professionals, enabling them to build their personal brand, directly interact with employers without a middleman, and to ultimately find the perfect job.

Where is SkillGigs?

We’re nationwide! Contact us today about your immediate hiring needs to see what talent we have ready in your area.

What kind of roles does SkillGigs source for?

Our focus is on the most in-demand and skilled positions found across the healthcare, non-clinical, digital and technology fields. For our healthcare and non-clinical employers and recruiters, we source for a variety of hospital positions and contract lengths, including travel contract, per diem, and permanent gigs to fill every need your facility may face. For employers and recruiters looking at digital and tech talent, we source a wide range of highly professionals to fill project, contract and permanent hiring needs.

Does SkillGigs source for contract gigs or permanent?

We offer both types on the platform. For healthcare positions, we also source for travel and per diem. Within the basic plan, employers are welcome to search through perm and contract talent. If you are looking to use us for your contractor gigs, we offer employer of record benefits.

Why use SkillGigs to message the candidate or schedule an interview?

Short answer: to improve your response rates.

Like any other communication-based app, we recommended initial messaging and interview scheduling be done via the SkillGigs app because otherwise the candidate considers your contact a cold contact, and your response rates will suffer.

Candidates have chosen to market their skills and expertise using the SkillGigs app and they expect employers to use the app features to engage with them. This also respects their time and privacy, which they really appreciate.

What is a 3D resume?

Hiring decisions can make or break the goals of a company. Traditional “2D” resumes are an archaic way of shortlisting candidates as they can’t and don’t tell the complete story of the person. In todays world of data and intelligence there needs to be a better way of evaluating candidates within seconds instead of making decision based on gut feelings and locating keywords which resonate with the job in a resume. That’s where our patented technology 3D Resume comes in. Within 15 seconds tell if the candidate is worth pursuing or not, using our state-of-the-art hiring intelligence tool. It’s an opportunity to understand skills to lead to stronger matches to ultimately a better hire.  

Why do I need a company profile?

Your company profile showcases your facility’s culture, values, and people, giving potential job candidates fresh insights about the hospital. Highlighting these aspects of your company can appeal to your favorite candidates and may even convince someone to choose your offer over another.

How much does SkillGigs charge?

It all depends on the plan you use, the number of hires and how many user licenses you need. Schedule a demo today to learn more about pricing options.

Why Choose SkillGigs to Hire Talent?

SkillGigs makes it simple to engage with responsive healthcare, non-clinical, digital and technology talent that’s open and ready to begin their new adventure, helping you achieve your hiring goals in this competitive market. Our response rates are over 60% in most cases which is incredible when compared to 2-5% response rates when compared to other channels out there. SkillGigs is the top talent marketplace that has the 24/7 supply you need to fill your open permanent or contract gigs.

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