All the options, when you want them

Your profession is in high demand. Break away from the traditional and give yourself all the job options available to you.

Free access to staff jobs across the country at top facilities.

Free access to staff jobs across the country at top facilities.

A disruptor to traditional ways of finding a job.

Find your next staff gig with SkillGigs. We will open your world to all the offers in the marketplace in order to increase your earning opportunity. You’ll experience the difference right away as you are free to explore any permanent jobs unlike using a traditional agency. And with our skill listing and matching AI, you’ll understand the right fit in a way a traditional job board could not provide. SkillGigs caters to nurses from all backgrounds and specialties who can set their desired pay to fit into their lives.

Jobs added in real-time. No recruiters controlling what you see.

Hospitals and facilities using SkillGigs are actively hiring for a variety of nursing roles in major metro areas.

Getting control on your career

Bid volume is a good thing

Getting blasted with bids means you are a top talent. Celebrate this as it means you are ripe with options and potential. You can always contact us to help you make the decision but the bidding feature is what’s sets us apart from traditional recruiters. This shows you, with no holding back, all the ways and places you can earn.

Embracing your skills

Every profile needs at least one skill listing. It exhibits on a weighted percentage basis all the skills you possess, plus how often and how long have you used these over your career in seconds; allowing the hiring manager to make quick and accurate hiring decisions. Take it a step further and build your 3D Resume. This feature helps you market your abilities and stand out

Here’s the steps to become a SkillGigs Per Diem Nurse

1. Sign Up

Sign up and add a skill listing. Set up your profile by providing information about your specialty location preferences, and experience. This will give employers a comprehensive understanding of your skills and capabilities.

2. Complete Profile with credentials

Sign up and add a skill listing. Set up your profile by providing information about your specialty location preferences, and experience. This will give employers a comprehensive understanding of your skills and capabilities.

3. Bidding

Being a disruptor to traditional hiring means we are not a job board or a staffing agency. SkillGigs is the future of hiring with our bidding feature allowing you to reach out to potential employers.

4. Accepted offer

Success! You can now officially say you took control of your career. As you embark on your new role, we recommend that you keep your profile so you can keep an eye on job opportunities, passively. And we’ll always be here to help you!

SkillGigs FAQs

It is a very simple we are a talent marketplace that brings employers and top talent together. We envisioned SkillGigs to help make the act of hiring and finding a job simple, this is what we strive to do daily. Built by leaders from the outsourcing and staffing industry who’ve recruited and helped thousands of awesome candidates land jobs at some of the largest companies globally. SkillGigs, is an AI-based sourcing platform that serves as top talent marketplace. We offer a unique perspective on the art of finding the perfect job. Think of us as job matchmakers. SkillGigs is here to facilitate relationships with employers directly with talent. We are a resource for active professionals, enabling them to build their personal brand, directly interact with employers without a middleman, and to ultimately find the perfect job.

The company is headquartered out of Houston, TX but we have teams across many major cities within three countries to ensure the utmost timeliness with candidate and client care. As for where we place talented individuals? We’re nationwide! Contact us today about your immediate hiring needs to see what talent we have ready in your area.

Our focus is on the most in-demand and skilled positions found across the healthcare, non-clinical, digital and technology fields. For our healthcare and non-clinical employers and recruiters, we source for a variety of hospital positions and contract lengths, including travel contract, per diem, and permanent gigs to fill every need your facility may face. The roles span all the major specialities included but not limited to Med Surg, ICU, ER, OR, Step down and tele.

Simple answer is that it is your opportunity to have open pay negotiations directly with the employer. Employers bid on you to start the conversation about a gig. You then have the choice to choose if you are interested or not. If interested, our platform connects the two parties and manages the entire lifecycle. But why wait for the employer to bid on your profile? With SkillGig bidding tech, you, too, can bid on jobs you are interested in. You can bid on full-time jobs, contract jobs, and even remote jobs. With the initial pay negotiation done before finalizing the interview, using our bidding tech, you don’t need to stress about pay negotiation.

Sell your skills in an uber competitive job marketplace by differentiating yourself and marketing yourself by using state of the art technology which is super user friendly and easy to use. The Skill Listing feature helps people market themselves in the job marketplace by letting the world know their availability and job requirements, allowing employers to find you in sea of people.​​​​​​​

Using the SkillGigs platform vs. a traditional staffing firm, means that you have complete control over what gig you want to work for. Before, you only saw jobs that recruiters from staffing companies decided to share with you. SkillGigs marketplace search allows you to explore contract and permanent gigs — simultaneously. It’s your life, so it should be your choice. The job you want is only a BID away.

As a healthcare profession, with the SkillGigs talent marketplace, you can:

  • Get access to the hidden jobs such in real time.
  • Name your own pay, choose who to engage with and when.
  • Leverage your personal brand for your success using our patented 3D Resume.
  • Engage with employers like never before to ensure good fit and desired pay.
  • Manage all your credentialing paperwork in one place! Set it and forget it.

SkillGigs, is the ultimate career marketplace, where you can create your very own unique personal brand to help sell your skills and the ecommerce-style interaction ensures you get the job you want with the pay you require. This is achieved through our transparent bidding process. We believe that every job seeker can improve their earning capabilities and their income potential if they only knew how to market themselves properly and by building a proper pipeline of gig activity around themselves. Whether you are looking for full time work or project work, we have got everything that you need to help make your career a success.

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