4 Strategies to Land Passive Candidates
4 Strategies to Land Passive Candidates
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4 Strategies to Land Passive Candidates

Let’s be upfront- the perfect candidate for the position you just posted already has a job.

Modern recruiters are presented with the unique set of challenges that involves trying to recruit to someone happy in their current role. These candidates are referred to as passive candidates.

When trying to understand if passive candidates are worth the extra work, research shows that passive candidates are 120% more likely to make a stronger impact at your company.  So finding the “secret sauce” to getting passive talent to consider your open position will is extremely rewarding for your company.

1. Establishing Communication

The first step in landing passive candidates is creating a solid first impression. According to LinkedIn, 87% of active and passive candidates are open to new job opportunities. So creating that initial trust opens the opportunity for candidates to be more interested in learning more about an offer.

So let’s get straight to the facts. When accepting a new job, candidates are first looking at the compensation (49%), professional development (33%) and better work/life balance (29%). So once introductions are said and trust is built, be sure to highlight the following factors.

2. Making Use of Employee Relations

If you directly contact passive candidates, your success may be greatly limited, as these individuals are not actively searching for job offers. Instead, a more efficient route is to utilize your existing employees. Asking employees for friend referrals have proven to be extremely successful, as studies show that referrals make up the number one reason why employees discover a new job.

Asking for referrals also provide access to passive candidates that are otherwise limited, as these individuals are much more likely to consider positions suggested to them by friends. Even if the specific job responsibilities may not allow them to work together, employees may reveal appealing company benefits to passive candidates, increasing their interest. It’s strongly recommended for companies to hold contests or prizes as incentives for more referrals.

3. Emphasizing Your Strengths

Although referrals may entice a portion of passive candidates to take the position, it may require more effort to recruit the others. Based on the role offered, you need to highlight just the right aspects of your company to attract more passive candidates. To know what to highlight, you must look at the top reasons that cause candidates to seek career changes. According to Allison Schnidman, “There are many reasons why people quit their jobs.

It’s not always because of salary, like many people, including managers, have been led (sometimes erroneously) to believe. The other reasons that people quit could be different — they are getting married and moving; they have an unlikable boss; their goals are changing, and they’re leaving due to inadequate motivation or vision; or, they’re leaving to acquire an advanced degree.”

So, while higher pay will always provide some form of appeal, it’s also important to address the benefits of the workplace environment, employee benefits, and work-life balance.

While passive candidates require more active work on the company’s part, it is easy to provide benefits and a clear entry point into the topic of hiring with just a little dedication and searching for the right points to highlight.

4. Your Secret Weapon

Trying to engage with top talent is not an easy process, and the strategies list above are effective, but there is still one hack that can help you land highly qualified top talent. The Skillgigs talent marketplace is your key to searching, identifying, interviewing, and hiring active top talent. With the use of our patented 3D resume and our bidding feature, we see top passive talent have a 60% response rate, which is 30x better than our competitors at LinkedIn.

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