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Acquire These Software Skills To Land Your Next Gig

According to CompTIA’s State of the Tech Workforce report, there were over 1.9 million workers in software roles in 2021. These roles are expected to grow at an even faster pace this year, leading to a 3.4% growth rate.  

So here at SkillGigs, we think, acquiring software skills is a big plus for your tech career. As a software expert, you develop error-free computer programs and applications for companies. Your expertise makes you a valuable asset to a company and in turn you enjoy the successes your career brings you. It’s the perfect outcome for the company and for your career.  

This is why SkillGigs finds it very important for you to have the ability to update your skill listing with all the skills you have under your belt. The more you add to your skill listing, the quicker you can match with employers seeking talent like yourself. Check out these top software skills that are sure to give you an edge when seeking new opportunities. 

Scripting – Programming Language 

Your desire may not be coding all day, but it is important you know programming languages to effectively create software programs or products. Employers may not likely expect you to know all coding languages, but these are some you should add to your skills: 

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 
  • Python 
  • C# 
  • C++ 
  • PHP 
  • Java 
  • JavaScript 
  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) 

Scripting adds consistency to processes and boosts productivity by combining various complex tasks.  

Testing to Automate Processes for Business 

Automation is something many businesses are working towards to strengthen and streamline processes. Departments within a business, such as finance and even HR (Human Resources) are adopting new ways of doing business with technology. [Check out our most recent blog post touching on HR tech trends] 

Long are the days when paper-based processes were the way to go. More companies are going the digital route using technology to introduce automation on a day-to-day basis. As a tech professional you must be well versed in many automated tools and know of testing procedures to ensure the software program or product goes out without a hitch when it goes live for users. Some testing procedures you must know are: 

  • Integration testing 
  • Unite Testing 
  • System Testing 

DevOps – Improves the Software Process 

DevOps refers to the overlap of infrastructure and software. The end goal for DevOps is to align infrastructure management with the right software needs. To be more specific, DevOps is the colliding of behaviors, community culture and technical talent that essentially improves user experience through effective tools and technologies.  

To gain DevOps skills you must have impeccable experience in Sysadmin such as: 

  • Linux 
  • Unix 
  • Windows 
  • Mac 
  • iOS 

Having these under your belt helps prove to employers you can solve issues like blocking, memory problems, conflicting tools and slow programs.  

Proficiency in Text Editing   

Having text editing skills is important for employers when reviewing your skills. The use of text editing software allows software developers to create and edit plain text. It also allows for the removal of formatting used in different word processors. Proficiency in one or more text editors makes you a desirable candidate. Some commonly used text editors are: 

  • TextMate 
  • Notepad++ 
  • Brackets 
  • Atom 

Other Software Skills You Must Possess 

The world of tech is always evolving. It challenges tech professionals to keep learning regardless of the years of experience. In order to ensure you are stay sharp as a tech professional and an asset to your employer, you must: 

  • Identify areas of improvement – software is the tool; you are the driving force behind the implementations made with the use of software. Know your software, to know when adjustments need to be made to better serve users and help a company with business goals 
  • Attend workshops or trainings – there are many online courses available to you, some free, some at a cost. It is essential that you are always on the lookout for new ways of enhancing the experience for both internal and external software users 
  • Collaborate with others – gain new skills from colleagues who know other programming languages and development tools. This also helps exchange skills with one another to foster a collaborative environment 

SkillGigs and The World of Tech 

Incorporating technology is helping many businesses stay relevant as times change. Today’s world is going through many transformations and one of them is the impact technology is having internally. As a tech professional, you have a big responsibility but rewarding all in one. 

SkillGigs is a talent marketplace that places you at the top. Your skills and your experience speak volumes. As you gain new software skills, ensure you add them to your skill listings within your personalized profile. Build your profile as you would like, name your salary, your job schedule preferences and let our tech match you with the best tech jobs in the job market today.  

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