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Ask a Travel Nurse

In our new series, we will sit down with working travel nurse influencers to ask them questions about the job, their experience, and anything you’d need to know when it comes to travel nursing.

This week we talked to three travel nurses,@Desjaden,@Meaganholloran, and @Sarah_gaines

Skillgigs: Share a little advice, something that you wish you were told when you started travel nursing or some tips to make your experience more enjoyable, etc.


“Travel nursing has allowed me to meet so many people, to see so many different cultures, and experience so many different ways of life. One thing that made my experience amazing is the people I meet.  It’s important, especially as a traveler, to build support groups. I genuinely try to get to know the staff, to make friends, to connect with people. We may not connect with everyone, but at every assignment, I’ve made a core group of friends with permanent staff. These people have been amazing to me, they’ve taken me in as if I were family.

I’ve relied on them for so many things and they’ve relied on me just the same.  These new friends I make are more than just that, they are friends I still talk to, even after I’ve left an assignment! These people have made my heart feel so full when at times I’ve felt lost and alone. So, my advice is to be kind, be genuine, and be honest. Connect with people and build relationships, you’ll learn and grow in so many ways.”


“Say, yes. Don’t hold back. Take in every opportunity to live life to the fullest. If a contract looks good, take it. If you want to go to a certain area, then go. If someone posts about going out, just go. You never know if you’re going to meet a friend for life, an acquaintance, or just a night of fun.

Solo experiences can be just as rewarding too. Get out and see the city and surrounding area. Take that hike you’ve been itching to do. I had the day off recently and decided to tackle it by myself. Enjoying the environment around you doesn’t always have to include spending a ton of money.

I wish I was aware of how to go about housing. The good and bad areas. That renting a room is the most realistic way to go. You never know what you may find. I lucked out tremendously this travel assignment and end up with someone I know is considered a good friend as a roommate.

You are blessed with an incredible opportunity. Make the most of it.”


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“I love being a travel nurse, but it wasn’t always easy. I can tell you from first-hand experience that you may not be treated fairly when it comes to patient assignments. We’re usually the first to float. And making friends at work can be difficult when you’re always the new kid on the block. However, here’s the most important thing I’ve learned over the years: Every day, every experience and every assignment is what YOU make of it.

  • If I get more high-risk patients, I’m building my skill set and becoming a better nurse.
  • If I’m floated to another unit, I’m taking advantage of that learning opportunity and adding to my resume.
  • If I want to make new friends, I’m going to have to try some new things!

Once I changed my perspective, my entire experience as a traveler changed for the better.”


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