Article in Finance Digest: “Hiring Smart” is the Key to Success

When SkillGigs’ CEO & Founder Kashif Aftab was asked “what advice would you give to entrepreneurs to be successful,” he responded with “hiring smart is key.” The publication, Finance Digest, was intrigued by the response as it was not a repetitive remark that they had received already and as a result, requested an article to be written.

The article, found here, focuses on how hiring is often overlooked as a method to support productivity, digital transformation, and overall start-up success. An excerpt:

“People are your most significant investment, and the availability of talent should be factored in much earlier in your business strategy. Hiring is expensive, but hiring smart is better for your bottom line. To help illustrate this, think about the cost involved with hiring any worker, whether they are a contractor or a full-time employee.”

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SkillGigs, Inc. is an eCommerce talent marketplace that pairs skilled healthcare and technology job seekers with AI-matched work opportunities. Founded in 2017 on the belief that companies and talent should be able to interact seamlessly, SkillGigs is dedicated to empowering the users. SkillGigs elevates and maximizes the hiring process by removing traditional barriers. The company’s patented AI software matches talent with jobs tailored to their skills, while giving companies with open positions strong candidates who are ready to work—all without a single recruiter.