Operating Room Nurse Job Description

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An operating room nurse works with surgeons during operations and is charged with keeping the operating room sterile. A good operating room nurse will be calm under pressure, knowledgeable, and have experience quickly assessing the needs of patients, performing minor medical operations, and discharging patients. Writing a good job description for an operating nurse will require you to understand the skills and responsibilities needed for the operating room.

Below you’ll find a sample template job description for an OR nurse. You can copy the OR nurse job description, but make sure to add your own information for company culture, and perks/benefits, as well as double-check that the skills match your exact requirements.

Company Culture/Introduction:

{{This is where you’ll write a short introduction about your company and describe your culture. This is the most important section, as it will be the key selling point for candidates. Emphasize your company culture, perks, benefits, and anything else that makes your company amazing.}}

Job Description/ Why We’re Hiring:

We’re looking for an Operating Room (OR) Nurse who is currently licensed and possesses phenomenal attention to detail. Our ideal Operating Room nurse will be highly knowledgeable of operation procedures and patient safety and have quick decision-making skills during a crisis.

Operating Nurse Nurse Skills and Expertise {Below is a list of several skills and responsibilities of an Operating Room Nurse. Remember to remove any that do not fit your specific role}:

  • Assess patients prior to surgery and ensure a sterile environment.
  • Properly plan operations by having all supplies prepared.
  • Prepare patients on the operating room table.
  • Communicate with surgeons, pass instruments, and monitor patient vital signs.
  • Proven experience as an operating room nurse (circulating and scrubbing).

Benefits and Perks

{{Insert the benefits or company perks here. You’ll want to emphasize health, any fitness perks, education opportunities, flexible work schedule, facility-catered meals, etc}}.

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