Saville’s Guest Post on SIA’s Staffing Stream: Pay Transparency

(April 10th, 2023) – SkillGigs, Inc. President Steve Steve submitted an article to Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) blog known as ‘The Staffing Steam’ on the trending topic of pay transparency. This is a after CEO & Founder Kashif had a similar write-up in a Forbes article. There is an increase across the C-Suite and executive teams of all size organizations trying to better understand the importance and position of salary and pay transparency along with proper negotiations.

An excerpt from the article, entitled “Five Reasons Pay Transparency Makes Sense From an Operations Perspective”:

“This legislative trend has caused quite a bit of discomfort for leaders who are understandably hesitant about the impact that pay transparency could cause their company. Some are worried about pay transparency’s impact on operations, while others are concerned about the logistical feasibility of even giving accurate information when pay constantly changes in their market. But I’m here to say that based on my experience, there is a strong operational case for pay transparency.” Click here to continue reading.